Different ways to celebrate a hen night Credit: Adrienn

Different ways to celebrate a hen night

by Liz Gatherer

If you are tasked with organising a hen night for the bride-to-be (or you are the bride-to-be and you want to organise your own hen night, which is certainly not unheard of), you might not want to do the traditional bar crawl and clubbing that has been popular in the past. For some, this will be ideal, but for others, it makes them not want a hen night at all. 

The good news is there are now many different ways to enjoy a hen party that will take all the bride’s likes and dislikes into account – as well as cater to the variety of people who will be invited. Read on to find out what some of these ideas are so you can get some hen party inspiration.

Rent A House

One of the best things you can do when it comes to organising a hen party is to look at hen party houses and rent one that is big enough for everyone and is in a location everyone can easily get to. Why is this such a great plan? For one thing, it means everyone is together in one place, and no one needs to think about taxis home or catching the last train. Everyone can really relax and have fun in whatever way you choose. That’s the other great thing about renting a hen party house; you can use it however you want to (within reason, that is). The other ideas on this list could take place in this unique place, again ensuring that everyone can get involved and that there is always something to do.

Different ways celebrate hen night, hen house party

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Wine Tasting

People often like to have a drink when they are celebrating a hen party, so why not make that part of the experience and organise some wine tasting? There are experts who will come to you (either at home or perhaps at the house we mentioned above) and talk about the various wines they have brought with them. You can even make a game of tasting the wine and giving them a score out of ten, or seeing who can come up with the wildest (but most accurate) description for how they taste. 

At the end of the wine tasting, you’ll usually be able to buy a few bottles of the group’s favourite wine to drink while you play games, watch a movie, or dance the night away.

Different ways celebrate hen night, hen party wine tasting

Photo credit: Pavel Danily

A Spa Weekend

Brides are often very nervous, and the closer you are to the big day, the more anxious they are going to be. The hen night is their chance to relax and de-stress, and what better way to do that than to have a spa day? 

You can choose to have this take place in a professional spa, or you can have a professional spa come to you – yet another way to enjoy your rented house. You can have a massage, facial, aromatherapy, manicures, and much more. By the end of the process, everyone is going to look and feel great, and any worries will be long gone.

Different ways celebrate hen night, hen party spa weekend

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Share your hen party photos in a personalised magazine

A really fun idea after your hen party is to include some of the photos and a diary inside a personalised wedding magazine, a great keepsake for your wedding guests to take home with them and a fun way for them to find out what you got up to!

Real Wedition weddings: K&B included their hen and stag do photos along with a diary entry inside Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine. They opted for a blue and white colour scheme with a travel theme. On the hen do, each hen was given a special cocktail name so we made this into a fun menu inside the Wedition!

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