Waverley Big Awards Customer Delight Winner

Waverley Big Awards Customer Delight Winner

by Liz Gatherer

One of the key aims here at Wedition is to ensure that our customers have a wonderful experience with us and enjoy their #weditionwedding journey from the first contact right up until delivery and beyond.

I love to receive reviews from my customers, and it's not just their reviews I enjoy reading, it's all the text messages, Facebook messages, Instagram comments and Tweets declaring how delighted my customer has been to receive their order, watch the reactions from their guests when they see Wedition for the first time and also the fun they've had providing me with information and photos to be included inside their Wedition.

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Waverley BIG Awards

When this award category came up - I simply had to enter! The Waverley BIG Awards are open to organisations of all sizes and the award categories and judging criteria have been designed to give start-ups the same chance as larger companies. The entry process consisted of answering a number of questions to do with the culture, policy, ethos and DNA of Wedition having first explained the product and service that I provide. I had to provide evidence in the form of testimonials from my customers as well as explain how my company has a competitive edge over other companies. Lastly I had to explain how I would continue to sustain my level of customer delight. These were a set of really fabulous questions, thought provoking and all came with a word count. Word counts can sometimes be tricky for me to stick to as I always have so much to say!

Waverley Big Awards Customer Delight Winner

Finalist for customer delight

There were so many entries in this years Waverley BIG Awards that the judges needed an extension to be able give all the entries the time that they deserved. I was absolutely thrilled when the email came through to announce that Wedition had made it to the final three in the customer delight category, along with Atrainability and Dylan's Ice Cream. Along with the email came the invitation to the awards ceremony to be held at Lythe Hill Hotel and Spa.

All the finalists had to make a short video to briefly explain our line of work and why we entered this particular award category.

Customer delight in more detail

Wedition customer Greg goes into a bit more detail on just why customers are so delighted by the service that they receive at Wedition.

"It's not JUST having the Wedition itself that makes it special. It's the shared process of putting it together and thinking about what is important to you both as a couple."

Another Wedition customer, Sam Wordie-Gilchrist, co-owner of The Ravenswood venue agrees. 

"It turned out that we actually had a lot of fun as a couple putting it together and coming up with ideas for it which was a nice touch to the end of our planning."

And they are right. Your wedding day marks a fabulous milestone in your story and in having Wedition you are able to relive that story all over again. You get to share your story with somebody who has not heard it before. This means you also get to answer questions about the details and remember things that you had perhaps forgotten. Talking about this always seems to delight my customers, giving them a warm glow and a spring in their step when we say our goodbyes.

Waverley Big Awards 2018 winner

A customer's delight a few days before the wedding

It is not always possible for your guests to attend your wedding day, this could be perhaps because they live abroad and the cost of travel and the time they would need off work is too much. Perhaps they are elderly and too frail to travel. Perhaps they are unwell and it is just not feasible for them to be there even though they would love to be. This is yet another wonderful way that Wedition can make your day complete and delight your guests whether they are there on the day or not. I love the delighted look on my customers faces when I let them know that they ought to post Wedition to these guests who can't make it, they can time their trip to the Post Office to make sure that Wedition will arrive on the absent guest's doorstep the same day as the wedding. This ensures that as sad as it is for the guest to not be there, they have this wonderful keepsake ensuring that they feel included and part of the wedding day.

customer delight before the wedding day

Customer Delight on the wedding day

It is not uncommon for Wedition customers to ask me if they can provide a review once they have received their Wedition order but before their wedding day. I ask them if they wouldn't mind waiting until after the wedding. This is because the whole wonderful process of having a #weditionwedding is incomplete, there is more delight in store for my customers! This happens on the wedding day itself. It happens as the guests see Wedition for the first time. Wedition may be face down on the table, with the menu on the back cover showing, the wedding guest picks it up and what delight as they realise this is not just a menu, this is the wedding story of the beloved couple! I have so many wonderful images of wedding guests receiving Wedition on the wedding day.

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Delighted customers after the wedding

This is always the moment that I never seem to be able to prepare my customers for, even though I tell them it will happen, they always end up being so delighted and surprised! It's the chatter and the comments from family and friends which follow in the days and months after the wedding. Because Wedition has highlighted those all important wedding day details and shared the story of the couple, it acts as a beautiful link between this story, these details and the wedding day itself. The guests now know why you married on that date (same day as your first kiss); why you selected that colour (your football team colours); and why your family wore a yellow rose (to remember a family member who had recently passed away). They know that your cousin made the invitations and that a ladybird was hidden on your cake as there is a beautiful connection between ladybirds and your childhood memories. These are the details that make your wedding different to everyone else's. These are the details that make your day uniquely yours. But these are the details that will go completely unnoticed if they are not brought to the attention of your guests.

Wedition customer Zoë continued to be delighted by Wedition after her wedding day. 

"Needless to say, our guests enjoyed reading our Wedition and it is still a talking point now!" did New Year's Eve bride Naomi:

"For those of you who are brides-to-be, I can whole heartedly promise you with your own Wedition all of the small details will not be missed and will have your guests commenting on the attention to detail all day and for days afterwards (which is still happening even though it's only been 5 days!"

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Customer delight winner!

I soon found myself at the glittering awards gala evening at Lythe Hill Hotel on Friday 19th October, I attended the event with fellow industry colleague Lara Kenny from Love from Lila, maker of delicious cakes - sourcing local, good quality and ethical ingredients. The evening kicked off with a drinks reception and the chance to network and meet other finalists. It was soon time for the starter and then the announcement of the winners of the first four awards, I didn't have to wait long as customer delight was first up. Lara caught the moment on her phone!

Winner of the Waverley BIG Awards - customer delight

An absolute honour to receive this award, the customer journey is the heart of why Wedition is such a joyous keepsake to have as part of your wedding planning and wedding day celebrations, I feel that new customers finding out about Wedition for the first time will love to not only see the wonderful reviews but to also see that Wedition is an award winning company when it comes to delighting the wonderful customers!

customer delight

No end to customer delight

I can confidently say that I am delighting my customers, and there is no end to this delight, I am sure that even when years have passed since the wedding, the customer will take Wedition out on their wedding anniversary and re-live that wonderful wedding story once more.

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