What Is Wedition?

We provide you and your partner the ability to tell your authentic love story in a unique way. A way that people can touch, feel and admire...


We create a luxury booklet which tells your unique love story, from how you met to the proposal and all the in-betweens. A lasting keepsake your guests will treasure forever.

Designed with your love story, wedding colour scheme and theme in mind, Wedition is a wonderful way to share the story of how you met, your proposal, introduce the key members of your wedding party and let your guests know about all the small details and intricacies that you have meticulously planned into your special day.


How can Wedition be used?

Given to your impressed guests on the day of the wedding, this one-of-a-kind wedding favour enables you to tie all the elements of your day perfectly together. As well as sharing your authentic love story, Wedition is an inclusive experience:

Remember lost ones

Remember lost
loved ones

Involve your pets

your pets

Incorporate your wedding stationery essentials

Incorporate your wedding
stationery essentials

Share your wedding day details

Share your wedding
day details

Introduce your wedding party

Introduce your
wedding party


An Amazing Experience

We love hearing not only how Wedition has been great fun to have made for you, but a joyous experience for you to discover how your guests still enjoy reading it long after your wedding day. They will show it to their friends and neighbours, recounting how magical your day was for them. Wedition customers are based all over the world and often say that Wedition has been the "most enjoyable part of the wedding planning."

Your experience with us is so exceptional, we’ve won an award for Customer Delight!
Our Wedition’s (other than the getting married part!) were the best part of the day, everyone was speechless and the fact they all had a part in it made it so special and a keepsake forever.
Wedition Box

High quality keepsakes for your special day

Your team of graphic designers, creative writers and print house will be headed by company director Liz who will work closely with you by way of video calls and email to ensure that your story is captured perfectly with minimal effort on your part so that you can gift this one-of-a-kind wedding favour to your impressed guests.

For your step by step guide on how your magical journey with Wedition will unfold, click here or watch our video

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