Terms and Conditions

The basic package price of £1700 includes: 40 x 16 page A5 magazines printed on Satimat green paper 60% recycled/40% virgin fibre 200g. The front and back cover is 350g soft touch laminate 1 side.

Free postage and packing within the UK. (Express delivery.)

Graphic designer will do up to three drafts per article, further drafts are chargeable at £30 per hour.

Creative writer will provide up to three drafts per article, further drafts are chargeable at £30 per article.

Optional extras will be discussed as and when necessary:

Wedition LTD™ may print off extra copies of the customer’s magazine at the companies own expense to use as samples for prospective customers. The customer must inform Wedition™ if they do not want their Wedition™ to be used as a sample.

Customer must gain permission for all photographs and quotations used in their copy of Wedition™.

The deposit is non refundable, it is the customers responsibility to provide all content by the final content submission date as detailed on the invoice.

There may be a charge of £250 if the final content date is missed, this is due to extra hours being required as each customer’s Wedition LTD™ has had time allocated accordingly. During busy periods it may be necessary to work unsociable hours in order to get the order completed if the customer has not provided the required content in time.

Please read the Wedition Privacy Policy to learn how your personal data is handled.

It is the customers responsibility to carefully check spelling, content and layout and they will sign the following disclaimer before the order is submitted to the printers:

“I have carefully checked spelling, content and layout. I understand that my document will print exactly as it appears in the final draft and I understand that I cannot make any changes once my order has been placed.”