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Wedition Magazine

50 x 16 page magazines


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Unique & Personal

Unique, bespoke, personal. This is what Wedition® is all about.

Your Wedition® will be a platform for you to share the details of your wedding, include the menu, order of service and readings, introduce the bridal party and much more, it is a very versatile magazine allowing you to give your guests some fantastic conversation starters and talking points.

Wedition Magazine
Wedition Magazine

More Affordable Than You Think

By including the menu, order of service, hymns and readings you will immediately save money on stationery, you can even personalise each individual front cover with your guests name so you can use Wedition® as a table place name card.

You can offer your vendors and suppliers advertising space at the back of your Wedition® in return for discounting their product/service, we recommend £25 - £50 per advert, along with the savings you will make on not having to print out stationery, this will mean your Wedition® doesn’t need to cost you a penny.

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What you might want to include...

In your copy of Wedition®?

Order of service

List the order of service for your special day.

Readings & songs/hymns

Show the readings and songs or hymns that will be used.


Include the menu and details of the tasty food being served.

The details

Why you chose your colour, theme, decor, etc.

Wedding party

Introduction to the wedding party with personal stories and photos.

Wedition Magazine Front Cover

The venue

Important information, history, location and map.

Local area

For guests staying for a few days, you can provide info on the area.


Questions about the couple, see how many they can guess correctly.

Honeymoon info

Give your guests a first look at your honeymoon destination(s).

Guest list

A comprehensive list of the guests that will be attending.

50 x 16 page magazines


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Invitation | Favour | Thank You

Welcome to Wedition®, your personal wedding magazine.

New website coming soon!

Get in touch now and we can get started on your personal wedding magazine to use as an invitation, on the day as a favour or send to your guests afterwards as a thank you.

Your Personal Wedding Magazine


Bespoke Magazine
FREE design & copywriting
16 pages
50 copies

Wedition Magazine

Terms and Conditions
Price includes 50 16 page copies of their bespoke Wedition®. Free postage and packaging within 20 mile radius of Wedition® HQ. Graphic designer will do up to three drafts per article (further drafts chargeable). Creative writer will provide up to three edits per article (further edits chargeable). Optional extras such as extra pages can be discussed at time of booking. All designs remain the property of Wedition® and may be used on the website after the date of the customers wedding.

WEDITION and the W logo Wedition Icon are registered trade marks of Wedition Limited.