A 2021 wedding at home? Credit: Juliet Mckee

A 2021 wedding at home?

by Liz Gatherer

Outdoor weddings are increasingly popular especially during this time with Covid-19. And whilst things are moving in the positive direction towards normality again, there are still certain restrictions, so why not consider a small intimate wedding close to home. In fact, as close as your own back garden! A ceremony close to nature, in a smaller group, is an ecological, beautiful and original way to celebrate your wedding. In order for the experience to be romantic, however, there are a few things to consider when planning a celebration in your own garden. Bright sunshine, summery outfits, natural flowers, and lots of romance - a garden wedding can have it all.

An outdoor garden wedding at home

An outdoor wedding, in your garden is a wonderful alternative to celebrate your wedding in small groups, with the people you love. Before this dream becomes reality for you, there are a few practical things to consider. Because you shouldn't have any illusions about organising a summer wedding in your own home. Often, such a celebration, in the garden of your house, involves extra effort, and the price is not necessarily less than a celebration in a regular wedding venue. Much of what a rented venue brings automatically has to be specially organised. It takes some work and is usually quite expensive. So here you will find all the important tips for your own personal outdoor wedding!

Number of guests for an outdoor wedding

The size of your garden will determine how many guests you can invite to your party if you want everyone to have enough room. As with renting a wedding venue or using your back garden, you need to calculate with about one square meter per person. In this calculation, you should also include the space for the buffet, dance floor or stage. You will also need to look at how much food to order and the catering involved, as well as looking at mobile bar hire which will be the most important addition! You may want to have a theme to the wedding also, so be sure to be inspired by some of the traditional and more modern trends!

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2021 outdoor wedding at home, mobile bar for garden weddings

Weather resistant? Time to be prepared for any eventuality at your outdoor wedding!

You should definitely take a possible change in the weather into account when planning your garden wedding. In case of rain, you can organise your dinner in a tent or at least have large umbrellas in case of a drizzle. Heaters can also be made available as well as throws if, after dark, the temperatures drop. High temperatures can also be very unpleasant at an outdoor wedding. Parasols can be a good solution to protect yourself from the sun. You can also provide sunscreen. Mosquito repellent can also help keep everyone safe from the bites. Guests are also likely to need more drinks, so don't skimp on the refreshments. The last thing you want are your guests feeling tired, thirsty and itchy!

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2021 outdoor wedding at home, entertainment for garden weddings

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Share the details of you wedding at home

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