6 Things You Can Do Instead of Having a Wedding Party

6 Things You Can Do Instead of Having a Wedding Party

by Megan Wenzl

Long before you met your perfect match, you were likely a child who dreamed of their wedding day. 

It’s quite possible you pictured yourself looking gorgeous or dapper, the perfect companion in front of you, and the very best of your friends falling to your side, with smiles on their faces as joyful tears sprung to their eyes. 

So the thing is, life isn’t always what we imagined when we were younger. Dreams change, relationships ebb and flow like the tide, and of course we change. 

Perhaps your circle of friends is simply one person, your very best friend. It’s possible you have twelve incredibly close friends of whom you could never choose between. Maybe you simply feel the notion of six or seven people standing by your side during your wedding ceremony is overwhelming. 

Whatever the case may be, there are many alternatives to this tradition. We have chosen the top six things you can do instead of having a wedding party to give you some fantastic ideas.

1. Colour of Love

The tone of the flowers, the shade of the wedding dress, the hue of the table linens and so much more - one of the most focused on features of a wedding is colour. Rather than having attendants in matching couture and tuxedos, distinguish the important people in your life by having them all attend the wedding wearing the same colour. This certainly doesn’t mean they need to match the napkins though. BBJ Linen shares how to mix and match different colour. Their team writes, “Pairing fabrics of different weights, colour, and textures lends a gorgeous richness and elegance to any special occasion.”

2. Pet Perfection

Pet loving couples, this concept is for you. If Fido is your first-born and you simply can’t imagine spending your day without him, what’s more unique than to have him at your heels as you exchange vows? Just don’t forget to check with your venue to be certain that pets are acceptable attendants!

Take a look at the Wedition wedblog Pets at Weddings for more ways to make animals a special part of your day. If you choose to give a personalised wedding magazine to your guests, then here at Wedition, we can write an article on behalf of your furry friend which will make your guests laugh out loud! Wedition couple Paula and Scott choose to feature their beloved dogs Albi and Archie in their Wedition along with their horses.

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3. Love Letters

It’s quite conceivable that you adore the wonderful people in your life but having those closest to you spend a great deal of time and financial resources on your day seems less than ideal. What better way to show them what they mean to you than to honour them in your personalised wedding magazine, Wedition, in a meaningful speech you read at the reception or perhaps by writing them a letter on beautiful stationary they receive on the day you are to be married? Making these individuals feel extraordinary by telling them how you feel about the role they have played in your life is a delightful sentiment that is not likely to be forgotten. 

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4. Family Affair

Weddings are often occasions that are deeply-rooted in family. Rather than choosing amongst friends, select your closest family members to stand by your side as you say, “I do.” Your family has weathered the seasons of your life, having them next to you on one of your most remarkable days is a perfect way to acknowledge this.

5. Flying Solo

Don’t see yourself having a wedding party? The simplest solutions are sometimes best - don’t have one! This day is about you and your partner as a couple, not anyone else. You won’t be heading home with six or eight of your closest friends. What could be more symbolic of beginning a new life together than to take the first step unaccompanied?

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6. Charming Corsages

Nothing says wedding like the look of flowers. Perhaps consider giving those near and dear to your heart a small corsage or boutonniere to signify that they are the outstanding people in your life. Or give them a lasting keepsake with a corsage or boutonniere made of material. Along with a small note of gratitude, this token of thoughtfulness is a tasteful and lovely way to make them feel included.

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Share your alternative wedding party ideas with your guests

Whether you want to forgo the tradition of having a wedding party to avoid the dramatics that can easily occur, or you simply don’t visualise having a wedding party as part of your perfect day, there are several alternatives to choose from. Wedding parties are a tradition but that does not mean they are necessary. The most rising tradition of weddings today is to add your own touch or flare; to make your wedding yours. Decide on the concept that is right for you, the one that will make your day feel as fabulous as you envisioned long ago… even if it looks slightly different than you imagined.

Your guests will really appreciate you sharing your story and choices within Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine which they will love receiving on your wedding day. Get in touch to find out how multi-award winning Wedition can enhance your special day.