The Little Details You Shouldn’t Overlook for Your Wedding Day Credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

The Little Details You Shouldn’t Overlook for Your Wedding Day

by Liz Gatherer

Planning a perfect big day can feel more than stressful, as you’ll need to find and book vendors, pick the perfect venue, and buy countless items. Also, you might worry your wedding won’t meet expectations, or you’ll miss an important element. Worrying about all the above is natural, as it’s all part of the pre-wedding jitters. Yet, there are steps you can take to create an unforgettable event you, your other half, and your guests will love. Keep reading to learn about the little details you shouldn’t overlook for your wedding day.

Accessorise Like a Pro

Many brides are so focused on finding the perfect gown and bridesmaids’ dresses that they overlook sophisticated wedding accessories. Yet, a stunning wedding dress belt, shoe clips, and bag can elevate any bridal look, ensuring you feel beautiful and elegant on your big day. 

The little details will determine how you feel on your big day. For instance, a delicate lace garter will make you feel feminine and attractive, and bridal detachable ankle straps will improve your shoe support and, in turn, your confidence as you walk down the aisle.

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Photo credit: Fresh Shoot Studios

Bathe a Room in Light

Many happy couples overlook the importance of lighting for their big day. Yet, you can use lights to illuminate an aisle, shine a spotlight on beautiful floral arrangements, or add drama to table arrangements. 

Don’t underestimate the power of warm lighting; it can create an ambiance while ensuring your guests aren’t sitting in the dark. For this reason, consider visiting your desired reception venue during the day and evening, as you might spot a need for string lights, candles, or another form of lighting.

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Photo credit: Hayley B Weddings. Venue: Wotton House

A Weather Backup Plan

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, you must have various backup plans for the weather. For instance, you’ll need a plan B venue if it starts to rain, or temperatures take a turn for the worst. Even if the weather is scheduled to be glorious on your big day, you must have a backup plan to protect your guests or vendors from hot temperatures. 

For example, musicians might want to play under a shelter away from the intensity and glare of the sun. Also, your guests will need an area they can visit to cool off and grab a drink. Talk to your wedding venue about the shelter options available and plan B venues to ensure extreme weather doesn’t cast a shadow over your big day.

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Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Serve Late-Night Snacks

You might believe canapes and a reception meal might be enough to keep your guests full and happy. However, a day of dancing, drinking, and chatting will cause guests’ stomachs to rumble as the evening rolls on. Cater to your guests’ food cravings by serving tasty late-night snacks. It may encourage your loved ones to stay a little longer to make memories with you and your new husband or wife. Also, it’s a great way to inject your personalities into the event, as you could serve your favorite foods, such as burgers and fries, hot dogs, or pizza, to name a few options.

Little Details Shouldn't Overlook Wedding Day, wedding food evening snacks