Ideas for your micro-wedding during COVID19 Credit: Photos by Lanty

Ideas for your micro-wedding during COVID19

by Ellen-Rose Brown

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the government's announcements as lockdown in the UK eases. Lots of our lovely couples have already chosen to move their wedding to 2021 or the following year, but we are excited too that the latest Coronavirus wedding update means that weddings with up to 30 guests (a micro-wedding) are right on trend.

But why should you choose an intimate micro-wedding day with your loved one?

  • Allows you the chance to create a more relaxed vibe.
  • With less guests you can focus on your guest's experience even more.
  • More opportunity to make your micro-wedding uniquely personal.

So, if you are keen to say I do before the end of 2020, take a look at our top ways to host a micro-wedding.

Create a relaxed vibe with an intimate micro-wedding

Planning large weddings can take a lot of organisation, by choosing to hold a micro-wedding you can reduce your anxiety and your wedding day costs. With less guests attending, you will feel more confident walking down the aisle and you can put the remainder of your budget towards special finishing touches such as unique wedding favours and high-quality reception decoration pieces.

Wedition Hot Tip: Consider holding your micro-wedding in a family member’s garden or at a small intimate wedding venue, then add tables to create a relaxed al fresco experience for your guests.

Garden micro-wedding, micro-wedding table decorations

Photo credit: Kadarius Seegars

Make your guests feel extra special at your micro-wedding

Often at weddings it’s hard to find the time to speak to all of your guests, usually you are so busy and swept up in the emotion of the day you’ll find yourself switching between conversations. With a micro-wedding though, you have less guests and therefore more opportunity to talk to everyone with more detailed conversations. 

Wedition Hot Tip: Write a handwritten personalised note for your special loved ones, include a story, inside joke or message to thank them for playing an important role in your micro-wedding day.

Real Wedition Weddings: Wedition bride Zoë wrote a personalised message on the hangers which held the bridesmaid dresses.

Micro-wedding personalised touches, micro-wedding details

Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Add a personal touch to your micro-wedding

At Wedition - we love the special little touches that go into making weddings uniquely personalised. Even though less guests are attending your micro-wedding that doesn’t mean you won’t have plenty of opportunity to add a personal touch to your day. In fact, your intimate micro-wedding setting provides the perfect stage for you to truly put your stamp on your special day.

Wedition Hot Tip: Why not write your own vows, a special poem for your spouse or even have a go at writing a biography article for your Wedition personalised magazine.

Real Wedition Weddings: Wedition couple C&J wrote a biography for one another, J in the voice of C and C in the voice of J... they kept the bio's a secret from one another and read them for the first time on their wedding day!

Micro-wedding personal touches

Photo credit: Funky Photographers

Don't forget to include those who won't be able attend your micro-wedding

Although you’ve invited a smaller number of your loved ones to your micro-wedding, you are bound to have a whole list of other family and friends who you would still like to include in your special day. By working with us to create a personalised wedding magazine that’s unique to you as a couple, you can post copies out so they have something to read on your wedding day (even if they can’t be there in person.)

Wedition Hot Tip: Include funny articles to entertain your loved ones, a special message to those who couldn’t be there in person and the special meaning behind your love story in numbers.

Micro wedding guests, personalised micro-wedding touches, micro-wedding details

Our video guide to hosting a micro-wedding

We understand that you might be a little disappointed about rescheduling your wedding due to Coronavirus, but hopefully the micro-wedding ideas above will inspire your plans for an intimate wedding.

If you are looking for a special way to bring your love story to life for your guests at your micro-wedding, please do get in touch by emailing