Top 5 Wedding TV shows to binge watch whilst wedding planning Credit: Jé Shoots

Top 5 Wedding TV shows to binge watch whilst wedding planning

by Ellen-Rose Brown

Starting to feel as if you’ve exhausted all wedding TV watching possibilities during lockdown or running out of things to keep your wedding inspiration going?

We share our top 5 wedding TV shows to binge watch whilst you plan your wedding and our Wedition Hot Tips to help you stay inspired…

1. Disney's Fairytale Weddings - 2 season wedding TV show

Take a behind the scenes look at the magic that goes into making Disney weddings and proposals like something right out of a fairytale. You can binge watch this wedding TV show on Disney Plus.

Ellen’s review: Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess or a prince on their special day? This 2 season wedding tv show, celebrates everything that’s great about Disney. Prepare to be swept up in the magic.

Wedition Hot Tip: If you are a lover of all things Disney, why not include all your special Disney themed wedding elements within Wedition - your personalised wedding magazine. Wedition couple Emma & Bobby put a lot of care into creating a Disney themed wedding and wanted to have a place to share all those details with their guests.

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2. Four Weddings - wedding planner TV show

Giving an honest portrayal of what happens behind the scenes of a wedding day, this wedding TV show follows four special brides each with a unique story to tell. You can watch this wedding TV show on Amazon.

Liz's review: This short documentary showing 4 weddings from around the world cleverly follows the brides' emotions and feelings at different stages throughout their wedding day. They all have very different backgrounds and stories yet with one common interest, marrying the partner that is perfect for them.

Wedition Hot Tip: If you are marrying someone of a different culture or religion, you may find that some of your wedding guests will be unsure of meaning behind some parts of your wedding ceremony or the sentiment behind certain traditions you have chosen to include in your day. Use Wedition to explain these to your guests, allowing them to feel much closer to you on your wedding day and removing any potential for embarrassment.

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3. Extreme Cake Makeovers - wedding cake TV show

Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by extreme sugar crafts and wedding cakes with fountains inside! Nothing is too extreme for these talented bakers. You can watch this cake TV wedding show on Channel 4's More 4.

Ellen’s review: Superb selection of extreme cakes to help fuel some unique wedding cake ideas for your special day. Whether you are looking to create your own or commission a baker to make your masterpiece, this wedding TV show will give you food for thought!

Wedition Hot Tip: Use your wedding cake as a centrepiece or focal point, don’t just hide it in a corner somewhere! Make it stand out through its simple elegance or its funky design - the perfect way to capture your guests attention.

Real Wedition weddings: R&A had their cake designed and made for them by R's mother, R&A chose to share the story of creating their wedding cake inside their Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine which they gave to their guests on the day of the wedding. They included the flavours of each tier as well as a heartfelt thank you to R's mother.

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4. 112 Weddings - after the wedding TV show

For over 20 years, Doug Block, acclaimed documentary filmmaker, has filmed many weddings, he decides to track down some of his favourite couples from the 112 weddings he has filmed over the years and find out what their marriage has been like. 112 Weddings is available to watch on YouTube or Google Play.

Liz's review: This watchable show is engaging and hard hitting at times. Some of the couples are together, some are not... and some seem to be on the edge of breaking point. This show does not give you the typical feel good factor you might be looking for, but it certainly will give you a lot to talk about with your partner as you imagine what your future could hold.

Wedition Hot Tip: If you are employing a videographer for your wedding, make sure you put them in touch with your wedding photographer, the two will will need to be able to work together to make sure they are not taking conflicting shots of your day. Your wedding photographer and videographer will perhaps be some of the most hardest working people on your wedding day, make sure you provide them with a proper meal, not just a quick sandwich!

Real Wedition Weddings: G&A chose to have Shoot It Yourself at their wedding, they included the information and the app download for their guests inside their Wedition. They had two video cameras available for guests to use after the ceremony. The guests could film messages and capture the action, Shoot It Yourself then edited the footage and made it into a wedding film. G&A chose to also include the story of how they met, the proposal, the information and photos on how they made their own wedding rings, an introduction to the wedding party, the wedding menu and a Mr and Mrs quiz inside their Wedition which their guests loved receiving on the day of the wedding.

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5. A Very British Country House - wedding planner TV show

This four part TV show is about Cliveden House, one of the world's most exclusive country house hotels. We are introduced to Lydia Kenny, the passionate Cliveden House wedding planner. We get to see a small Chinese wedding in episode 3 with a 13 strong camera crew and an intimate photoshoot for a loved up couple in episode 4. You can watch this four episode wedding planner TV show on Channel 4's More 4.

Liz's review: Lydia's love and enthusiasm for her job as a wedding planner will make you feel so excited about your own wedding. You'll realise that there is a lot to plan and things may not always go smoothly, but no matter what you'll have a perfect day!

Wedition Hot Tip: If you want to share all the intricate details that you have planned into your day with your guests, we can can include an It's all in the details article inside your Wedition. This is a great way to make sure that your wedding guests do not miss a thing!

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