What's your hen party style?

What's your hen party style?

by Ellen-Rose Brown

Struggling to decide what to do for your hen party? Take this fun quiz to determine which hen party style suits you best…

What’s your drink of choice?

  1. Glass of fizz
  2. Fruity cocktail
  3. Pitcher of Sangria

You are most happy eating...

  1. Traditional afternoon tea
  2. Gourmet pub meal or fast food
  3. Something exotic

You’ll be wearing...

  1. Cosy gown and classy swimsuit
  2. Little black dress
  3. Comfy jeans and a nice top

What would you like to do?

  1. Relax and be pampered
  2. Dance the night away
  3. Experience a different culture
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Mostly 1’s

Gather your close friends and family together for a day of utter bliss and indulgence. Your Hen Party Style is a laid-back spa day, take a refreshing dip in the pool and soothe all those pre-wedding aches with a calming massage. After you’ve made the most of the spa facilities indulge your taste buds with a traditional afternoon tea. But if you fancy a cosier ambiance you could even hire a property for the weekend and ask a beautician to come in and carry out treatments for all the Hens. Your Hen Party Style is the perfect way to bring your family, future in-laws and friends together in a sophisticated setting.

Mostly 2’s

Get together with your girls for your Hen Party Style a night to remember! Start the evening with a relaxed pub meal of homemade pizza or burgers, then attend a cocktail making class before you explore a few quirky bars and play lots of fun games with your Hens. Just make sure you and your Hens are dressed to impress! You could even theme your outfits to match the wedding colour scheme.

Mostly 3’s

Escape the country and fly away with your friends and family. Pack your bags ready to experience a mini holiday because your Hen Party Style is cultural city break. Explore the city sights, then venture off the beaten tourist track to try tasty authentic delicacies and local drinks as you bask in the sunshine. You’ll make new memories together and the shared experience will really help to break the ice between your Hens.