How to recreate the most popular wedding themes Credit: Hayley B Weddings

How to recreate the most popular wedding themes

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If you are planning on tying the knot next year, you will have a wealth of wedding themes to choose from. Couples are getting more and more creative around their big day and personalising every element of their wedding. Whether you’re anticipating the fairytale wedding you always dreamed of, or you want to create a modern twist on a vintage theme, we have you covered. Read on to find out how to recreate the most popular wedding trends of 2019.

Retro and vintage weddings

Create a sense of nostalgic romance with a vintage wedding theme. From your transport to your photography, there are many ways you can give your big day a retro twist. A grand entrance in a vintage Gatsby style car is the perfect way to start. Pair this aesthetic with some Art Deco era antique jewellery and your look will sparkle! 

Everything about your look should evoke vintage charm, from your dress to your engagement ring. For your jewellery, opt for secondhand pieces. This will benefit both your look and your bank balance. Old round cut diamonds set in yellow gold are a great choice. When it comes to your outfit, why not go for a vintage dress with lace accents? This style is sure to look beautiful and nostalgic on the wedding photos.

Speaking of photos, be sure to have a film camera or a polaroid on hand at your vintage wedding. Giving the guests a polaroid to take away with them is a great gesture that will ensure that they treasure memories of this special day for years to come.

retro wedding theme, vintage wedding theme

Photo credit: Hayley B Weddings. Suits by Dapper, bow ties and accessories by Dapper & Suave. Venue: Wotton House.

Fairytale weddings

Are you a bride-to-be that has dreamed about a princess wedding since you were young? If so, a fairytale wedding is the perfect way to honour your childhood desires. A woodland setting would be ideal for this theme. Pick a magical clearing and adorn all the surrounding trees with glittering fairy lights — it will feel like a dream come true!

Floral arches, or beautifully weaved willow would be a brilliant touch for a magical wedding. Evoke a mystical energy by incorporating nature into your décor. Bouquets of woodland flowers and floral clad bridesmaids would fit perfectly with this theme.

A ballgown or classic princess style wedding dress is essential for this wedding style. Pair your dress with a jewel encrusted tiara and a perfect princess cut diamond ring and you will make your prince charming a happy man!

fairytale wedding theme

Photo credit: Hayley B Weddings. Dress by Bride by Aster. Hair by James Blaquiere. Venue: Wotton House.

Classic glam weddings

Despite all the quirky options, a traditional and glamorous wedding might be the theme you’ve always dreamed of. This is your special day, and you will want everything to go perfectly, from the impeccable setting to the formal dress code. Make sure your invitation specifies black-tie, so that your guests reflect the classy style of your big day.

In terms of location, a stately home or a country club would be a good place to start. These settings are perfect for a glamorous wedding that spares no expenses. Tables adorned with roses and candelabras will add to the beauty of this theme.

Diamond accessories are a must for this look, they will compliment a traditional wedding dress wonderfully.

Eco-friendly weddings

In recent years, there has been a big push towards eco-friendly weddings. There are many ways in which you can create an exciting event while still minimizing your carbon footprint. Bringing a natural theme to your wedding will also look fantastic.

Eco-friendly wedding invitations are a good start to this theme. Opt for recyclable materials for everything, from invitations to place settings. It is also a great idea to give your guests a little seed bag as a gift to take home - they can plant their seeds wherever they like, and your wedding day will be the start of many new flourishing plants.

Choosing secondhand items for your wedding is also in-fitting with this theme. Choose antique jewellery and a vintage wedding dress - they will look fabulous while also being eco-friendlier than making brand new purchases.

A natural setting would be perfect for this theme, as would environmentally friendly transport for yourself and your guests. Finish off the style with small touches such as biodegradable confetti and show that you really have thought of everything!

Boho weddings

The bohemian style is a popular wedding choice, especially for couples who want to create a more down-to-earth vibe. A beach would be an ideal setting for this event, so that your guests can go barefoot or wear simple sandals. Floaty fabrics and delicate wildflowers will compliment this theme and create a relaxed atmosphere. Lanterns are a great lighting option as they will bring a serene glow to your special day.

Rustic wooden tables and chairs are a good fit for this style, or even cosy cushioned areas for guests to relax in. Flower crowns will look fantastic on the bridesmaids, as will floaty floral themed dresses. The whole aesthetic will be laid-back, yet dreamy and whimsical - a perfect low-stress option for your special day.

boho wedding theme

Whether you choose a traditional style, or go down the boho-chic theme, your wedding should effortlessly encapsulate your personality. The more personal touches you incorporate, the more fabulous and memorable your wedding will be, so the best advice you could take is simply to be yourself and let your wedding reflect that!