Bridal anxiety | Keeping calm before the wedding

Bridal anxiety | Keeping calm before the wedding

Guest blog by Angelic Diamonds

Wedding planning is a huge event in and of itself, and the chills of anxiety are naturally going to grip you every so often during the process. But you don’t have to put on a brave face and endure; there are a number of things you can do to take the weight off your mind and your heart in the run up to the big day. Here, with engagement rings retailer Angelic Diamonds, we explore the best ways to relax as you plan your wedding.

Bridal anxiety top tip: pamper it all away

Yes, planning a wedding takes a long time, but it doesn’t need to take all of your time. Be sure to give yourself some time to unwind and relax. Remember, the big day is all about you and your significant other, and you don’t want to be staggering up the aisle exhausted. This is particularly good advice in the last month leading up to the wedding day, as the anxiety levels tend to rise. Why not take a morning away with your bridesmaids to enjoy a spa or salon trip to unwind? With wellness trends on the rise, many brides are taking part in yoga retreats or exercise boot-camps as a means to destress before their wedding day. The endorphins released by exercise are perfect for dealing with stress, so a little fitness can certainly go a long way. So, whether you go for a face mask or a full-body workout, be sure to add in some stress-relieving time in your busy wedding planner.

Bridal anxiety top tip, pamper yourself, Keeping calm before the wedding

Bridal anxiety top tip: set your priorities

Heaven forbid but - could you be stressing out over details that are really too minor to get worked up over? Prioritising your tasks can help you see which ones are really worth your attention, to such a degree. But don’t let your to-do list get too long, even if the majority of the tasks are low priority. Your to-do list needs to be realistic as well as prioritised. It can help to have a confidant to help you tackle your to-do list too, whether that’s a friend or indeed, your other half! Trying to take the whole task on yourself will inevitably drain you and your excitement. If this is the case for you, hiring a wedding planner may well be the best option.

Bridal anxiety top tip, prioritise, Keeping calm before the wedding

Bridal anxiety top tip: stop comparing

It’s difficult to do, but don’t compare your big day with anyone else’s. Remember the photos on social media of your friends’ wedding days or celebrity bashes are highly tailored and not always representative of the truth. Your wedding day is yours, and like anything else, the imperfections will be what makes it shine and be memorable, rather than falling into the over-polished, bland sheen of social media-broadcast weddings. The day is for you and your nearest and dearest, not Instagram likes.

Bridal anxiety top tip, stop comparing, Keeping calm before the wedding

Bridal anxiety top tip: be assertive, without being ‘bridezilla’

Everyone’s heard the term bridezilla, and no one wants it thrown their way. But you shouldn’t let the worry of being called bridezilla stop you from being assertive. It’s your big day, and it’s important that your desires and plans are followed, of course. But keeping your anxiety levels down can prevent you slipping into unreasonable demands and shouting at everyone around you.

Bridal anxiety top tip, bridezilla, Keeping calm before the wedding

Don’t let bridal anxiety ruin your big day - it’s going to be a good one, and as with all good times, it’ll fly by. Take the time to reduce your bridal anxiety in order to get the most out of your big day.


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