Bespoke Event Magazines

Bespoke Event Magazines

by Liz Gatherer

We love celebrating milestone events and special occasions here at Wedition and bringing the magic of these events to life for your guests is something that we excel at, we have the reviews and awards to prove it! If your business has a story to tell, you are family run or your team are of exceptional importance to you, having a bespoke event magazine at your next event will not only be good for team morale, but great for business too. 

A bespoke event magazine will be a boost for you team

Your bespoke event magazines will be a great boost to your team as you are able to celebrate individual efforts as well as team efforts. Use fun infographics to remind and reinforce your team of key facts and figures, display photos and awards from the year, profile star employees, run a competition and layout the timings and structure of your event. When your team feel appreciated, they are more likely to work harder for you, work more productively and talk about your company in a positive light. An appreciated team is a loyal team and when you show your appreciation whether it be through praise and encouragement, social events, awards evenings or team building, you will be giving them the confidence to work better for you. Showcasing your employees in a bespoke event magazine and highlighting your business in such a positive way encourages your valuable team members to remain loyal to you.

Kiko Matthews event, Atlantic row, Kic Plastic

Bespoke event magazines are good for business

As the customer spotlight below shows, having a bespoke event magazine is fabulous for raising awareness and therefore business. We find that guests tend to keep hold of their bespoke event magazines long after the event and show it to family, friends, and colleagues, this can only mean good news for your business! We print on high quality paper with soft touch laminate, this means not only is your bespoke event magazine stunning to look at, it’s lovely to hold too and reinforces your commitment to the environment. Your high quality bespoke event magazines will become a real talking point because they are so highly personalised.

Good to know: Your finished bespoke event magazine is laminated with a soft touch laminate and will arrive in a beautiful keepsake presentation box. It is good to know that your bespoke event magazine is printed on recycled materials at a chemical free printers less than 1 mile from HQ.

Kiko Matthews event, Atlantic row, Kic Plastic

Customer spotlight - charity fundraiser for Kiko Matthews

We created a bespoke event magazine for Kiko Matthews’ farewell fundraiser which she hosted a couple of weeks before she embarked on her record breaking journey of rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic, solo and unsupported. Kiko’s goal was to not only break the world record (which she smashed by 1 week!) but to raise £100,000 for Kings College Hospital in London who had given her life saving surgery, twice. Kiko gave her bespoke event magazine to her guests when they arrived, it was branded with her logo and colour scheme and contained all the event information that her guests needed for the evening.

Kiko Matthews Atlantic row, Kic Plastic

Kiko Matthews bespoke event magazine contents

  • Order of the evening
  • Welcome message
  • Charity information
  • How to get involved Kiko’s story
  • The challenge ahead
  • Raffle prizes
  • Auction prizes
  • Sponsorship packages available
  • 100 Together - information on Kiko’s charity
  • Thank you to her sponsors
  • Menu
Kiko Matthews row world record, Kic Plastic

Kiko Matthews - fundraising in figures

Kiko was able to raise in excess of £20,000 at the fundraising event, her bespoke event magazine was a huge help in this figure as guests had been able to find out all about Kiko’s story, the charity, how to get involved and of course build excitement for the upcoming auction and raffle prizes!

Kiko Matthews update: in May 2019 Kiko will embark on a 7200km cycle around the coastline of the UK cleaning beaches as she goes, that is 90 beaches! Find out more on Kik Plastic here.

Kiko Matthews row world record, Kic Plastic, review

Product spotlight for wedding and event photographers

We can create a magazine for each event that you work on for you to upsell to your client. Let’s use a wedding as an example. A wedding photographer that we work with were finding that their offer of thank you cards were not selling particularly well and they felt their online sales could have performed better. We created a thank you brochure for them to upsell to their clients. Wedding couples were keen to purchase the brochure that contained 50 images from their wedding day, a personal thank you message from them as well as a link and QR code for the receiver to then visit the photographer's full online gallery, the photographer found that their online sales increased.

Kiko Matthews event, Atlantic row, Kic Plastic

Let's get started on your bespoke event magazine

Please do get in touch with Liz by sending an email to or by phoning us on +44 483 677 987.

Alternatively, send us an enquiry through the Wedition website, click here.

“Liz was brilliant. I contacted her whilst planning a corporate event to see if she could tailor her Wedition magazine to their type of event and I was not disappointed. With a tight turnaround of two weeks over Christmas Liz was brilliant and so easy to work with even liaising with my client when I was unavailable. I will be recommending Liz to all of my clients in future.” - Olivia Wellock Event Manager at Peachy Productions.