Real Weddings: Kay and Jonny’s Christmas Wedding Credit:

Real Weddings: Kay and Jonny’s Christmas Wedding

by Liz Gatherer

What better way to bring you Christmas wedding story to life than in your own personalised Wedition? Styled to fit in perfectly with your Christmas wedding theme and colour scheme. A bespoke memento of your day that your family and friends will cherish forever, Wedition is a unique way to make your wedding stand out and bring your wedding story alive for you and your loved ones.

Your Christmas wedding Wedition

Kay and Jonny used their Wedition to tie together so many important elements of their journey, their wedding story and their wedding details. They included a map highlighting their 11 month around-the-world trip that marked the beginning of their engagement. The story of Kay’s three promise rings were included, from the initial straw ring to a ring bought in Laos that Kay would be able to wear until they returned home so she could then wear Jonny’s Grandmother’s ring which had it’s own charming story.

This Christmas wedding version of Wedition included a meet the wedding party, history of their wedding venue Farnham Castle as well as the all important wedding day details which tied everything so beautifully together for the guests to read.

The Christmas wedding menu was on the back cover of their Wedition. The two wedding readings were inside as well as the words to the Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Christmas wedding menu

Once upon a time - a Christmas wedding story

Kay and Jonny’s story started on a ski trip when they were dressed appropriately for a Where’s Wally? fancy dress party. Their shared love of travel has lead them around the world and the part of their story that really touched my heart was their incredible 11 month trip around the world. They set off on this journey as boyfriend and girlfriend but returned as fiancé and fiancée. Whilst they explored the ancient ruins of Ta Prohm in Cambodia together (Ta Prohm is better known as the 'Tomb Raider Temple', part of the Ancient city of Angkor near to Siem Reap), Jonny presented a ring made out of a drinking straw with a paper star and proposed to Kay, who had no idea that Jonny was planning to propose and was initially not sure if Jonny was joking! With great excitement Kay of course said “yes” and it was not long before the news had reached the UK and their delighted families offered to help get the ball rolling with the wedding planning. By the time the adventurous couple had reached Myanmar on their incredible journey, Kay’s mother had set the date and secured a wedding venue for them at the remarkable Farnham Castle in Surrey. It was now time to send out the save-the-dates… on postcards!

Thank you so much to Mia Photography for the fantastic photos.

save the date postcards

An invitation to a Christmas wedding

When Kay and Jonny returned from their travels and could take over the wedding planning from their family, they came up with a fantastic idea for their Christmas wedding invitations. They sent out Christmas cards with the invitation to the perfect Christmas wedding written inside!

Christmas wedding decorations

Christmas themed wedding

With the date set for 22nd December, the perfect theme for this wedding would of course be Christmas. Farnham Castle would already have two Christmas trees in position at the venue, one outside and one in the entrance. Kay and Jonny arranged for lots more Christmas trees so they could have them throughout the venue. One of the Christmas trees was used to hang lots of Christmas candy canes on. Kay and Jonny selected four types of Christmas paper complimenting their wedding colour scheme and wrapped up lots of empty boxes to create a fabulous Christmas present display.

Christmas present display at a Christmas wedding

Colours of a Christmas wedding

Kay and Jonny chose Christmas wedding colours of claret, gold, green and ivory.

Did you know that the colours of Christmas all hold significant meaning? Green comes from evergreen plants such as holly, mistletoe and ivy. These have been used to brighten up buildings during the long winter months for thousands of years and also reminded people that winter would not last forever and spring would come. Red is the colour of the holly berries which are said to represent the blood of Jesus Christ. Gold is the colour of the sun and represents light, both of which are longed for and needed during a dark cold winter… and of course gold and red together represent the colour of fire, needed to keep you warm.

Christmas wedding cake

Christmas wedding flowers

When it came to choosing the flowers for this Christmas wedding, it was an easy choice. The couple chose mistletoe, ivy, white roses and red roses. The festive couple hung a clump of mistletoe in the castle and invited guests to share a kiss with a loved one underneath.

Christmas wedding flowers

A Christmas wedding gift

It was important for Kay and Jonny to include an In Our Hearts Today article inside their Christmas wedding Wedition. Sadly, Jonny's dad Stuart passed away as a result of skin cancer a few years before the wedding. The whole family were helped through this difficult time by the fabulous charity Cancer Research UK. Rather than ask for wedding gifts, Kay and Jonny asked if guests would like to donate to this important charity.

wedding charity gifts

Christmas wedding ideas

Along with the larger wedding details such as Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, mistletoe and ivy, Kay and Jonny planned some beautiful and elegant finer details for their Christmas themed wedding. The wedding cake just had to be traditional Christmas cake, made by Kay’s clever mum Tessa. Tessa also made the fudge which was given as the wedding favours. A Christmas tradition for Kay's family is to make this fudge from a recipe that has been passed down through several generations. The table names were all named after the characters from the Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas, this was sung at the end of the wedding breakfast, cue much merriment and standing on chairs whilst waving Wedition and Christmas props in the air!

Christmas carol singing at wedding

A Christmas Wedition wedding review

“We didn’t send out traditional invitations or save the dates, so there was no physical record of our wedding day until I met Liz at a trade fair. Her Wedition magazine acted as a full program for the day ahead. We were able to incorporate every aspect of the event; introducing our wedding party (with funny anecdotes), telling the story of our engagement and explaining the sentimental aspects within our day. We now have a record of all the details in one place and it’s an item we’ll keep forever. Thank you Wedition!” - Kay and Jonny

Confetti shot at a Farnham castle Christmas wedding

Christmas wedding: style file