The Ideal Invitation Solution to your Destination Wedding | Weekend Wedding | Festival Wedding

The Ideal Invitation Solution to your Destination Wedding | Weekend Wedding | Festival Wedding

by Liz Gatherer

You’ve chosen your venue, set the date and started to draw up your guest list. Now it’s time to invite your family and friends to the most exciting day of your life! But how will you do it? You need the perfect invitation which will not only tie in with your wedding colour scheme and theme, but will contain all the important information that your guests need to know. Luckily, here at Wedition, we’ve always got a wealth of experience and know how into how we can make your ideal wedding invitation. Our A5 keepsakes come without limits. That means no word count. You’ll have as much space as you need to say what needs to be said! We take a look at how Wedition is the ideal invitation solution for a number of wedding styles and have listed a small selection of ideas of what you may want to include in yours.

Unique weekend wedding invitation

Ideal invitation solution to a destination wedding

Getting married abroad is a really exciting opportunity to get all your family and friends together at your dream destination. It can get complicated when it comes to sending out the wedding invitations though. This is because it is usually necessary to provide your guests with something more like an information pack rather than a neat invitation! There is so much you can include in your Wedition invitation, the ideal wedding invitation when getting married abroad.

Include the travel practicalities inside your unique destination wedding invitations

You may be planning for all your guests to fly out together on the same flight, if this is the case, we can include the flight times and booking details so that your guests easily know which flight they need to book. The Wedition team will be happy to take a look at taxi and airport transfer companies and include these within your Wedition to ensure your guests feel looked after from before they have even left the house. If you’ve organised a group transfer, whether it be on the way to the airport or once you’ve landed, we will be sure to let your guests know the meeting point, contact name and number.

  • Flight times
  • Booking details
  • Taxi and transfer options
  • Meeting point with contact details

Destination wedding hotel and travel guide inside your unique destination wedding invitations

Perhaps your guests will all be staying in one hotel or maybe there are a few options of accommodation for them to choose from, either way, we’ll list all the accommodation options for you including the location, contact details and booking reference. We’ll happily research the local area and provide a local guide so your guests will know what they can do on their down time. Maybe your guests will need to make meal choices in advance to the wedding, they can take a look at the choices within your Wedition and mark their choice on the RSVP.

  • Accommodation options
  • Local guide to the area
  • Menu choices

Unique destination wedding invitations

A big party of Wedition is the story telling! After all, your wedding day is the exciting climax to one chapter and the mark of the new beginning of another. You’ll perhaps want to share your proposal story, perhaps you’ll tell it from both points of view! You may well want to share a few fun facts on the wedding party, how you came to know them and why they are such an important part in your wedding story. This is especially lovely for your guests to read about, they will not always know everyone at a wedding so this will give them the chance to get to know your key wedding party members ahead of the day.

  • How you met
  • Proposal story
  • Wedding party fun facts
Destination wedding invitation stationery

Fun festival themed wedding invitation

For those of you planning a festival themed wedding, Wedition makes for a perfect festival themed wedding invitation. Your guests may well be staying overnight in shepherd huts or teepees, it is important to give them some important information within their invitation. You may need to let them know which meals are included, perhaps they’ll have to bring their own snacks. You may be having a cash only bar so you’ll want them to bring some coins. Maybe your ceremony is outdoors and they’d be well placed to wear flat shoes. There may be a hot tub so they’ll want to know to bring swimwear. You may have a number of activities going on during your festival themed wedding, you may like us to put a venue map inside your Wedition so they know the location of all the activities from beer tent and games zone to quiet tent and toilet facilities. Just like a real festival, you may well be having live music, perhaps more than one band will perform, your unique Wedition wedding invitations are a fun way to highlight the band you’ve booked and give your guests a taste of what’s to come. We can also include your wedding festival event timeline so your guest certainly will not miss a thing.

  • Important information (e.g bring cash for the bar, wear flat shoes for the ceremony, bring swimwear for the hot tub)
  • Map of your festival venue
  • Band description and set list
  • Festival event timeline
Festival themed wedding invitation

Unique weekend wedding invitation idea

If you are having a weekend wedding, whether it be at home or abroad, Wedition is a fantastic way to invite your guests and provide them with the full low down on what will be in store. Sophie and James had their weekend wedding at Château Lagorce in France, rather than use Wedition as an invitation they left one in each guest bedroom so that each guest had a handy guide to the whole weekend.

If you are planning to send out your Wedition before your weekend wedding as an invitation, here is what you may like to include:

  • Weekend event timeline
  • The history of the venue or story of how you came to choose it
  • Accommodation options
  • Map and local area guide
  • Taxi and transfer options
  • Meeting point with contact details
  • Menu choices
  • Proposal story
  • A message from your parents
  • Wedding party who’s who
  • Cut out RSVP or QR code
  • Song request on the RSVP to be added to the wedding music play list
  • Important information such as check in and out times, dress code, or that you’ll be providing flips flops so tired dancing feet can carry on the party!
  • In memory of
  • Thank you page to those helping organise the event
  • It’s all in the details where you can ask for guests to look out for the special touches and decorations you have planned into the day
Unique weekend wedding invitation ideas

Sending your unique destination wedding invitations and RSVP

There are a number of ways that guests can RSVP to your wedding, perhaps they’ll be an RSVP page for your guest to complete, cut out and post to you. Maybe you’ll have an online RSVP or a wedding website that handles RSVP’s. We can include the online information for your guests, or a QR code for then to scan with their phone which will take them through to your online RSVP service.

When it comes to posting your unique destination wedding invitations, we can create a wedding logo for you which we can have debossed on to presentation boxes, team this with tissue paper in your wedding colours and you have a remarkable and memorable unique wedding invitation that your guests will surely keep for years to come.

Wedition unique wedding invitation packaging

Wedition - your ideal wedding invitation solution

As you can see, we can include everything that you need inside your Wedition. You’ll be investing a huge amount of time, effort and money in the run up to your day. Providing your guests with all the information they need ahead of time will ensure that they’ll be able to look forward to your day, plan accordingly and make the most of all that you have planned. A small investment in a Wedition wedding invitation ensures your overall wedding expenditure will be maximised by your guests to the full. 

Feel free to email any questions to, or phone Liz on 01483 677987 to find out more.

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