Janet and Trevor

Janet and Trevor

Janet and Trevor's love story started over two decades ago when they met in a nightclub. They were together for some time and then went their separate ways, each starting a family. Fast forward to now where they rekindled their love and celebrated their marriage in Portugal with no fewer than 100 of their family and friends! The blue and gold personalised wedding magazine included:

  • Favorite couples photos
  • Welcome message and contents list
  • The story of how the couple met
  • Mr and Mrs quiz
  • The proposal story
  • A moneybox game - guess where in the world each moneybox is from. Janet has always bought a moneybox when she has been traveling, plus the money box was integral to the proposal!
  • Our family - children and grandchildren
  • Who's who in the wedding party
  • Wedding speech bingo
  • Honeymoon information
  • Wedding menu

The couple ordered 60 copies of their A5 personalised wedding magazine.