Wedding guest fun and games

Wedding guest fun and games

by Liz Gatherer

Have you been considering some fun and lighthearted entertainment for your wedding guests during the wedding breakfast? We’ve been asked to compile a whole host of wedding guest fun and games over the years to be included in our personalised wedding magazines. Take a look through and see what you think! 

These ideas work best inside your very own Wedition, but they’re also fun as a stand alone, a great ice breaker amongst guests who may not have met until the day of your wedding.

Mr and Mrs style quiz for wedding guest fun and games

An ever popular game is a Mr and Mrs style quiz, it may be one which the couple answer the questions themselves to present to the wedding guests and be along the theme of “who is more likely to….” ranging from "who is more likely to wash the dishes/do the gardening?" to "who is more likely to catch a spider/be a backseat driver?". 

Or, you may opt for more of a general knowledge style presented as a table quiz to find out how well the wedding guests really know the wedding couple. We’ve presented these quizzes in various ways, in speech bubble format to tennis scoreboard theme for a tennis loving couple!

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding mr and mrs

Real Wedition Weddings: Adam and Paul had a floral theme to their wedding with pops of fuschia. As keen tennis fans they were delighted with having a subtle tennis theme to their Mr and Mr quiz with tennis rackets and balls and then a tennis scoreboard style Mr and Mr comparison game.

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding mr and mr

Wedding word search for your guest fun and games

I don’t know about you, but I love a word search! And I love it even more when it is a bespoke one! The wedding word searches we include in our personalised wedding magazines are unique to the wedding couple using words chosen by them, perhaps their pet’s name will feature, their new shared surname or the road where they live, it’s up to you and guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding wordsearch

There’s never a cross word! - Wedding guest fun and games

Crosswords perhaps take a little more time with a bit more brain power required over a word search, but they are certainly a huge amount of fun, especially when they’re all about the wedding couple! Puzzle loving couples Dan & Jack and Shelley & Pat loved preparing the questions and answers for their wedding crosswords, and I loved putting the puzzle together for them and their guests to enjoy!

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding crossword Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding crossword

Wedding dingbats for your guests - wedding fun and games

These can sometimes be a real head scratcher but once you’ve got the answer you think to yourself, “Of course, it’s so obvious!” (even if it did take you 40 minutes to get it!) These are great little brainteasers to have on the wedding table, especially as there’s always one person on the table who will be an expert and can give clues to the others, such a great table talker to break the ice!

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding dingbats

Let’s liven up those speeches - wedding speech fun and games for guests

There’s always a joke about the length of speeches and a groan from the younger wedding guests about how dull they can be. The reality is though, they are usually pretty awesome - being emotional and funny. However, if you are concerned about the length of the speeches, or about the little ones getting fed up, you can up the anti with a wedding speech game! We’ve done a few over the years, one of which is wedding speech bingo, once the winner shouts BINGO, they could be rewarded with a bottle of bubbly (that’s lemonade bubbles for the little ones!).

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding bingo

You may opt for a betting style game, where each person guesses the length in minutes for each speech.

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding speech betting game

Real Wedition weddings: Wedition couple Katie-Rae & Adam love quizzes and they love rhymes so they opted to create a rhyme out of the rules of their game. 

If speeches are boring 

As some people say 

How about a token To liven the day? 

Stay awake and listen 

To the words that are said 

And don’t fall asleep 

Now that you’ve been fed. 

For tokens are money 

Now that’s for sure 

And it’s such a fun way 

To earn a nice round score (or two).  

A fun little game to be played during the speeches. On your table there are 2 drink tokens to be won.  

The rules are: 

  • Before the speeches start, hand the tokens to the youngest person at the table 
  • During all the speeches, pass the tokens to your right every time someone says, ‘thank you’, ‘thanks’, ‘ta’ etc. 
  • The person holding the tokens at the end of the speeches wins! 
  • Each token is worth £20 to be spent at the bar. 
  • No change will be given at the bar and the token must be used in one transaction. 
  • Now, if you win these tokens and your Mum and Dad try to take them from you, remember they are worth money and it’s worth negotiating!
Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding thank you speech game

Camera I spy for your wedding guest fun and games

This is a really fun activity that we’ve included in many a Wedition over the years, it’s a scavenger hunt style game but with your camera. It works particularly well if you have an online wedding photo account, or use a company such as EventsAlbum who will live stream wedding guest photos as we can include a QR code to make for easy uploading. It’s worth mentioning that Wedition couples get an exclusive discount with EventsAlbum, just ask Liz for the discount code.

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding camera I spy

Wedding guest colouring in - fun and games

Colouring is not just for children, this was certainly proved over lockdown by the rise in sales of adult colouring in books! Now, this isn’t something we are often asked to do, but when we do, we have a lot of fun with it! Take Wedition could Kathryn and Lorenzo, who just had to have their occupations as colouring in figures, a nurse and a police officer! Then there was dachshund loving couple Hannah & Elliott who wanted their gorgeous pup Nigella to be the star of her own colouring in page!

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding colouring in

Words of wisdom from your wedding guests

This may be something you would like included inside your personalised wedding magazine, or you may like us to produce it for you as a stand alone to pop onto your card table, as this will likely be where you have your wedding guest book too. A words of wisdom sheet is a great alternative to a guest book as you’ll end up with some hilarious advice (don’t eat yellow snow) along with some really sound advice (never go to bed on an argument) this is a great activity for your guests to do whilst you are off having your photos taken with your photographer.

Wedding guest fun, wedding games, wedding quiz, wedding words of wisdom

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