Tips for Designing a Classic Wedding Day

Tips for Designing a Classic Wedding Day

by Liz Gatherer

When planning the theme of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day, it can be as exciting as it can be stressful when it comes to settling on an overall style and setting. However, if your mind has already been made up (and always has since you were young) that your fairytale, dream-like wedding revolves around the classic and vintage look, then you have come to the right place. With this in mind, here for your information and reading pleasure are four top tips for designing a classic wedding day.

1. Keep Things Simple

Out of all the possible themes and styles for a wedding, the classic, vintage type has always been one of, if not the, most popular, and it is extremely easy to see why. 

When envisioning a wedding couple in a wedding venue, whether or not they plan to get married in the future or not, most people see a beautiful bride in a long white dress and a handsome partner in a simple yet beautiful setting.

Classic weddings are just that; simple and effortlessly chic, and when designing everything from your wedding invitations to your table décor at the reception, keep in mind the simpler, the better.

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2. Stick to Similar Colours

Another incredibly important piece of advice when planning a classic-style wedding is to stick to the same tones and hues of colours. 

Essentially, both classic and vintage-themed weddings centre around the colour white and, what is more, crisp, bold and brilliant whites. When it comes to your reception room and dinner venue, by all means, add elegant touches of golds and creams to bring the evening celebration to life.

Tips for Designing a Classic Wedding Day, classic table decor

3. Choose Your Wedding Dress Carefully

Whether you like it or not, and surprisingly, many brides really do not, the bride is the absolute pinnacle of a wedding, and all eyes from the guests will be focused on the bride and her dress, especially initially. 

It is for this reason when planning a classic and vintage themed wedding day that it is crucial to really think about your choices and desires for your wedding dress and working with a prestigious and luxury wedding dress designer, such as Ronald Joyce bridal collections will certainly enable you to tailor your dress to suit your classic theme.

Tips for Designing a Classic Wedding Day, classic wedding dress

4. Concentrate on Elegance

Finally, but perhaps most importantly of all, when planning the biggest day of your life which you want to be as classic and luxurious as it possibly can be, the ‘buzzword’ in the minds of both yourself and everyone else involved should be ‘elegance’. Classic weddings are, by their very nature, elegant affairs which involve the following staple elements: 

  • Simple wedding invitations with soft calligraphy 
  • No sign of tacky decorations or overtly bold primary colours 
  • Beautiful and hand-arranged flower bouquets 
  • Brass band or jazz bands playing at the reception rather than a disco DJ 
  • Soft and intimate lighting both at the wedding and reception venues
Tips for Designing a Classic Wedding Day, classic wedding bouquet, wedding flowers