5 reasons to not skip your honeymoon

5 reasons to not skip your honeymoon

by Liz Gatherer

Your marriage is a celebration of your love, and your wedding is the thing that proceeds that. The honeymoon, which comes after your wedding, is the way to celebrate all the planning you spent months doing. It’s a chance for the two of you to get away alone together with no distractions from your work or any more stress with planning.

Whether you win a Maldives honeymoon competition, or you think about booking your honeymoon with a budget travel agent, you need to think about where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do while you are there. More than anything though, you should consider the fact that you shouldn’t skip this amazing opportunity. Your honeymoon is something you do to kick off married life, it’s not something that you should skip. The chances are you might regret it later if you don’t go.

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There are five reasons you should never skip your honeymoon:

  1. You’ve waited too long. When was the last time you had a trip together? When was the last time you had a chance to just relax for a couple of weeks away concentrating on each other in a luxury resort? Your honeymoon is something that you do to kick off your marriage, and a honeymoon is a special charm that can help both of you to bond. You’ve just spent months planning a wedding while trying to organise your lives, potentially move house, potentially have children - you need a break. 
  2. You need to relax. Wedding planning takes a lot of effort and time, but knowing that the honeymoon is at the end of it makes it all the better. Once the wedding is all over you need time just to chill. The honeymoon does the job. 
  3. You need a little privacy. You've spent months in this sphere of family and friends organising your wedding and pulling the whole event together. You’ve done the hard work and you said your vows and now you’re ready to just breathe out and let go. You are also ready to have time alone. Travelling somewhere on honeymoon for a couple of weeks gives you a chance to unplug and switch off for a change. 
  4. It’s a dream trip. How often do you get a chance to have an all-inclusive break in the Maldives? When are you really ever going to get a time to visit Busch Gardens in Tampa and see some of the most amazing animals in the world? These things don’t just happen - your wedding guests may offer to help you with your honeymoon costs. You can go on an adventure, see new sites, lay on a beach you never would’ve considered laying on. Your honeymoon is a dream trip and it’s a way to tick off bucket list items. 
  5. Making memories. The memories and pictures that you take on your honeymoon are something that will stick with you for a lifetime. You’ll be able to pass on your story from children to grandchildren should you choose to have any.

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