How do I plan a proposal? Credit: Sergey Mikheev

How do I plan a proposal?

by Liz Gatherer

So, now you are ready to pop the question? Great! You'll most likely have an idea on how to do it from Hollywood's romance movies and YouTube virals. Well, the ideas are unlimited, but what if you don’t know how to put together a proposal? Don’t worry, this guide is here to help you out. Let’s dig in!

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How do I plan proposal, proposal ideas

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Choosing the perfect ring

Selecting the engagement ring that best expresses your companion and the affection you have is the centrepiece of your proposal, so getting a start on ring shopping is essential. 

When shopping for a ring, keep in mind: shape, design, karat, and colour. If you're stuck for ideas, speaking with an expert jeweller can really help. They can assist you to limit down your options by pulling items depending on your partner's preferred style. Make a budget ahead of time and share it with your jeweller so they can help you narrow down your choices to a more acceptable price range. 

Keep in mind that the size of the stone and the substance of the ring will be affected by your budget.

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How do I plan proposal, engagement ring story

Consider your partner's family

Seeking approval from your partner's parents before proposing isn't as prevalent as it previously was. It is, however, a charming tradition that is likely to please your prospective in-laws. It isn't even necessary for it to be the partner's father. Ask or inform any family member to whom your partner is close.

Choose how, when and where

It is necessary to answer how, when and where you’ll pop the question. 

When should you propose to your beloved? You may choose between a meaningful day, such as a birthday, a vacation, Valentine's Day, Christmas or a day with no actual importance. 

Where should you take your partner for this day? Choose a location that is meaningful to you as a couple, or simply a gorgeous vacation. It may be on a seashore as part of a romantic walk, the location of your first date, or a spot where you have fond memories. 

Finally, you have to decide how you will ask. You'll have to choose between a secret proposal and a big spectacle, depending on the nature of your personalities. A public proposal is a fantastic choice if you're social in nature, but if you're more of an introvert, a private proposal is an ideal alternative.

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How do I plan a proposal, engagement ideas

Don't forget a photographer

It's all about Instagram these days, whether you like it or not. So, get with the trend! 

Make certain you select a photographer that has worked on surprising proposals before. Allow time for your photographer to examine the proposal's surroundings in order to pick the ideal location for the perfect shot. After the proposal, spend some time getting some engagement photos.

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How do I plan proposal, engagement photos

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Practice your speech

Rehearse your speech otherwise you may find yourself down on one knee with no clue as to what you're going to say! Because you'll most likely be nervous, preparing a short speech and practising it a few times beforehand can guarantee the proposal goes smoothly.

Speak out

There's only one thing left to do once you've completed all of your preparations: drop the big question. Be self-assured and make an effort to say all that you have  practised. Take out the ring, take a big breath, look your partner in the eyes, and simply go for it! This is the moment you've been looking forward to.

Arrange a celebration

Following your proposal, you'll probably want to spend some time together as a couple before telling your family and friends. Plan a post-proposal celebration. Perhaps you can go for a romantic meal, a long walk, stay overnight in a boutique hotel.

How do I plan a proposal, personalised wedding magazine

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