How to Choose a Fantastic Wedding Theme Credit: Megan Daisy Photography

How to Choose a Fantastic Wedding Theme

by Liz Gatherer

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, energy and imagination. It's not easy to juggle all the necessary elements while focusing on having a good time and remembering what the day is all about. The organising, decision making and shuffling of priorities can make the whole process feel extremely overwhelming for even the most relaxed bride or groom. A great way to lighten the mood and add some fun to such a momentous occasion is to come up with a theme. Using a central theme to tie your wedding together can make a lot of difficult decisions more streamlined and cohesive. Take a look at some of the ways you can go about choosing your perfect wedding theme.

Find inspiration

A wedding theme could be inspired by anything. A favourite colour, an interesting object you spotted in a shop window, a particular mood you want to evoke in your guests - but cementing your ideas in reality can take some work. Go online and look through wedding magazines to get an idea of what's out there. You might not like any of it, but knowing what you want to avoid is just as valuable as knowing what you want. It can help you narrow down your decisions and arrive at a theme you enjoy.

How to choose a Fantastic Wedding Theme, Millbridge Court, Surrey wedding venue

What are your tastes?

Think about the life you live and what makes you happy. Are you an animal lover? Do you ride motorbikes? Have you got an arty streak? Pick out some aspects of your personality and the personality of your future spouse to find inspiration for a theme. Depending on your budget and style, you could take it to the extreme and centre your entire wedding around birds or cars. If this doesn't appeal to you, subtle touches can hint towards a theme without overwhelming your guests.

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Where is the wedding

The wedding venue can be a brilliant source of inspiration to find a theme. Depending on the setting and mood of the location, you can highlight or play with certain features to construct a theme. Choosing the best wedding venue can be tough, but the right place could spark ideas that make the whole planning process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.

How to choose a Fantastic Wedding Theme, Millbridge Court, Surrey wedding venue

Indulge your fantasies

Have you dreamt of a particular kind of wedding since you were young? Are you a hopeless romantic with high expectations for your big day? Fortunately, with enough planning and preparation you could pull off the day of your dreams. When you close your eyes, what does your ideal wedding look and feel like? Is it intimate and warm? Is it lavish and noisy? Pinpoint the details that add up to this perfect picture and take the time to seek them out in real life.

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Forget the theme

Maybe having a theme doesn't help you make easier decisions about your wedding. Maybe tying it all together only adds to your stress. In this case, don't feel pressured to deliver a theme for your guests or social media. The most important part of a wedding is marrying the person you love.

How to choose a Fantastic Wedding Theme, millbridge court, surrey wedding