How can I surprise my wedding guests? Credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

How can I surprise my wedding guests?

by Liz Gatherer

Every single wedding is uniquely different from one another, but guests essentially know the format of the majority of weddings, there’ll be the ceremony, reception drinks, the meal and speeches and then the dancing. If you’d like to mix it up a little, and inject a few surprises, then take a look at our ideas!

Surprise your guests by not giving them boring stationery!

There can sometimes be a lot of printables at weddings… from menus to the order of service, to the seating plan and the order of the day. Well how about if I told you there was a much more cost effective way to do this? And one that’s better for the environment too? The solution is to give your guests a personalised wedding magazine! 

Wedition is a unique concept where you not only tell your authentic love story, but you can incorporate all of you wedding stationery essentials. Guests always take the personalised magazines home with them, and keep them as a special souvenir of the day, so you know it is money well spent when a special keepsake like this does not get thrown away! 

Wedition hot tip: a lot of our couples choose to have the wedding menu on the back cover of their Wedition. They will have their order of the day, order of service and readings inside the magazine.

Surprise wedding guests stationery menu

First dance, second dance and do do do the conga!

You can surprise your guests by having a second dance, often couples will select a romantic slow dance as their first dance, how about you select a banging tune for your second dance which will encourage guests onto the dance floor! You may well have Pachelbel for your entrance music and Stevie Wonder’s 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' for your signing of the register music... have you thought about how you will exit though? Wedition director Liz and husband Ky did the conga to celebrate their “I do’s”!

Real Wedition weddings: the ceremony music was very important to Wedition couple A&M, so much so they dedicated an article in their personalised wedding magazine to their choices.

surprise wedding guests, wedding conga

Creating new traditions and remembering old traditions

Take a look at your family tree, heritage and culture and see if there are any traditions that you would like to continue with on your wedding day, or maybe even start a new tradition by borrowing from another culture. We love the Bedeken which is performed at Jewish weddings, it’s a short, meaningful and hugely emotional moment where the groom covers the bride’s face with her veil ( you could say that Jew’s created the first look!). The bride will wait in a separate room with very close family and friends. Everyone else waits in the main ceremony area, the Bedeken signifies the beginning of the ceremony. 

Real Wedition weddings: Wedition bride Emily based her bridal bouquet on her great nana’s, such a beautiful touch which the guests were surprised and delighted to read about in their personalised wedding magazine.

Surprise wedding guests flowers details

If you would like to surprise your guests with a personalised wedding magazine, then do get in touch with