Tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring Credit: Leah Kelley

Tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring

by Liz Gatherer

Are you thinking about proposing? Congratulations! 

Proposing is a huge step and one that is always remembered. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement, but buying an engagement ring can be costly, so it is important you choose the perfect one for your significant other. 

Here are 4 top tips to help you locate that special ring.

1. Choose the style

There are many different styles to choose from, with the most popular being unique rings with personal or historic details, such as Celtic engagement rings. That is because they are beautiful, timeless, and unique while serving as the perfect symbol for love. There has been a huge surge in the demand for thoughtful and alternative style engagement rings, which makes it easier to find something unique. The style of ring you choose will dictate the stores you visit. You will also need to consider the type of cut and metal.

Real Wedition weddings: E&K worked together with K's Aunty Netty, a jewellery designer, to create the perfect set of rings. We detailed the story of the engagement ring, wedding bands as well as how the couple met and their proposal story inside Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine which they gave to their guests on the the day of their wedding at Cain Manor in Surrey.

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2. Choose the right cut and metal

The type of cut refers to the diamond shape, which can change the focus of the ring completely. You can opt for the classic round cut, or choose your own unique shape. When choosing the right cut, you will also need to take into consideration your budget, as there is a different price for both cut and carat. It is becoming more common to use different types of metals for the engagement ring band. Traditionally, engagement and wedding rings were made from yellow or white gold. Now, you can choose from silver, platinum, or rose gold. The type of metal you choose will depend on your lifestyle (general wear and tear of the band) and your budget.

Real Wedition weddings: J chose the diamond for N's engagement ring whilst they were on holiday in Dubai, he then got his jewellery designer friend to help him create her dream engagement ring, the couple included the story of the ring and the proposal inside their personalised wedding magazine.

Tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring

3. Consider the wedding band

The wedding band is a symbol of your marriage. When choosing the right engagement ring, it is important to think ahead and consider the wedding band. The engagement ring is only half of the finished look. Some engagement rings are already designed to fit in a stack, however, this step is particularly important if you are opting for a personalised cut, as you may also need to opt for a personalised wedding band too. It is important that both rings go well together, with both style and fit.

Real Wedition weddings: Wedition couple P&M had rings which were made to complement each other. They are constructed from a mix of semi-precious stones and Polynesian wood. M’s ring is blue lapis with ike wood and P's is green turquoise with koa wood. In a happy sort of synchronicity, the proposal took place at the Polynesian Resort in Disney World which seems rather fitting!

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There is a wide range of beautiful rings to choose from. An engagement ring is going to be worn every day, so it needs to be durable and stylish, while personal to you both. 

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