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How to plan a beach wedding on a budget

by Liz Gatherer

If you're thinking about having a beach wedding you may be concerned that it will go over your budget. Planning a beach wedding on a small budget is possible. However, it does require careful planning. Once you carefully plan out your beach wedding you will have fewer issues with budgeting and finding the right destination. Here are some of the best tips for planning a beach wedding without going over budget.

Choose Your Beach Location

Choosing the right spot on the beach for your wedding can make a dramatic difference in how successful your wedding day is. Most beaches are windy. This means that you should try to find a spot on the beach where there is a cove or some kind of shelter from direct winds.

Remember that tides go in and out so you want to make sure that they will not disturb your wedding and that your guests will not get wet before they want to. Decorate the spot you choose on a budget by using whatever is available in the locale or the environment, it will make for a more budget-friendly experience while making your wedding unforgettable.

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Dress Appropriately

While it may be an amazing dream to have a dress with a long train, it may not be the most practical step for a beach wedding. Remember that sand and water can easily damage a wedding dress and make your day uncomfortable.

Select a wedding dress that is practical and beautiful. You may not even need to buy shoes for your wedding; many couples prefer to do their beach wedding barefooted. All of this ensures that you will be comfortable and it will also keep your budget down.

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Go Local

Going local is one of the biggest ways you can save on a beach wedding. You should get a local official to officiate the wedding since this will usually work out cheaper than bringing someone in. Often you will get a package if you use a local officiate.

Consider choosing a local wedding photographer as well. Local wedding photographers are likely to give you better than someone you bring with you. Some package deals from local officiates may already include a local photographer.

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Restrict Your Bar

Restricting a bar is important for your budget. Remember when the liquor is free people tend to drink a lot more. Restricting the bar is not going to be easy but in addition to rescuing your budget, it can prevent embarrassing occurrences when people party a little bit too much.

You should decide ahead of time what will be available at the bar and how much will be available. In this way, you will be able to plan a budget for the bar.

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Wedding Cupcakes

A growing trend is to have wedding cupcakes instead of actual wedding cakes. If your budget is tight you may want to consider this option. Many couples have gone this route because getting a traditional wedding cake can be expensive and often your guests may only nibble on it.

With a cupcake option, you can save big. Cupcakes do not have to be boring, there is a wide array of available that can be decorated to be fancy enough for a wedding.

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Making sure your guests get the best out of your beach wedding

There may be a few more logistics to consider when having a beach wedding - like letting your guests know where best to park, what footwear to wear and the route they will need to walk to get to the ceremony. All of this you can include inside Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine which will act as their invaluable guide to the day. You can include the running order of the day, ceremony order of service, menu, map and local accommodation and taxi details. Our couples love to intriduce their wedding party to guests within Wedition, as well as share their proposal story.

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