8 Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus Credit: Galileo Photography

8 Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus

by Liz Gatherer

It's no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic has hit many industries, among them the wedding and entertainment fields. All of a sudden there are so many rules and regulations to observe, but we can only adhere to them because it's all for our safety. If you are planning to hold your wedding within this period, you have more on your plate than someone who did theirs before the calamity struck. There are many factors to consider, seeing that social gatherings are highly discouraged in many parts. Either that or the number of people who can meet has been reduced drastically and limited to a population of a certain age. Does that mean that you can't have your dream wedding now? No! That's far from it. 

You can still have your colourful event and walk down the aisle as you had pictured before this. You'll, however, have a few extra details to pay more attention to so that you don't rub shoulders with the authorities or place your loved ones at risk of contracting Coronavirus. 

Here are things to consider when preparing for your wedding during the pandemic:

1. Number of Guests

Some people prefer small weddings while others go for smaller events. It all narrows down to your budget, close relations, and basic preferences. If you had made a long guest list, you may need to reconsider and resize it. Some guests may be understanding of the reasons that led to this decision while others may not. But, you should not feel bad about that because you are only trying to do what is safe for everyone. Give priority to family members and close friends, then distribute the remaining slots to other guests. Consult with your local authorities to know the maximum invitees allowed to such occasions.

Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus number of guests

2. Adhere to Safety Measures

You have obviously heard about wearing masks, getting vaccinated against the virus, maintaining social distance, sanitising among other safety rules. Unlike the earlier days when life was more carefree, the Coronavirus pandemic has turned things a bit more hectic. To be on the safe side, encourage your guests to maintain the recommended measures for their protection. If you are doing an indoor event, look for a venue that's spacious to prevent people from being too close to each other during the ceremony.

Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus, wedding covid safety measures

3. Engage a Wedding Planner

Weddings come with so much work and pressure. As such, you may get overwhelmed and forget important details, compromising the situation on your big day. There is no shame in asking for help. You may need to pay extra for such services but it's worth the while. Having facilitated some weddings throughout their careers, wedding planners are your best bet in actualising your ideas despite the pandemic. They will advise you concerning different activities and you can approve them depending on your expectations.

4. Start Planning Early

Despite the fear of the unknown, that's likely to creep in due to the changing safety guidelines, start your wedding planning early enough. This gives you a chance to adjust to the directives that may be issued by the health departments concerning the virus. Planning some months in advance will not only help you cope with any changes arising in between the period but also give you enough time to get the right supplies. But, if you have little time, you can proceed with your plans and make the most out of the remaining days.

5. Choose Your Wedding Bands

Amid the rush, you may not remember to buy your wedding bands until it's too late. This is an important part of your union. Rings act as symbols of your vows and they should be treated as urgent requirements. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of disruption to many things but one thing should remain constant and that is the love you have for your spouse. One thing that can proclaim this more than words is the type of rings that you choose. If you are still wondering about the best type of ring to buy, here is a suggestion for you: the black diamond bands. The rings symbolise unchanging love that's both flawless and eternal. You may be having your wedding ceremony in the middle of a pandemic, but one thing that stands out with these bands is that you'll reap lifelong moments of unending passion and love with your significant other.

8 Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus, wedding rings

6. Ways to Make Your Wedding Event Lively

Yes, it's sad that your favourite aunt couldn't fly in for your wedding, but does it have to be a dull day? The answer is no. With modern technology, it's possible to involve everyone and get them to celebrate with you regardless of the distance. You can ask for help from people who are conversant with live streaming events through different mediums. Tell your loved ones to stay close to their phones or computers for a glimpse of your wedding proceedings. More people are embracing the idea of virtual weddings since the coronavirus coincided with the date of their events.

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8 Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus, Zoom wedding

7. COVID-friendly Setups

As earlier mentioned, you'll have to pay close attention to social distancing to curb the spread of the virus. Another norm that has since been discouraged is the serving of food during the event. But what is a wedding without a cake, right? Well, all is not lost. There are ways you can package the food and cake to maintain minimal contact. Talk to your vendor or caterer and come up with a method that's hygienic and acceptable as far as COVID 19 safety measures go. Place the seats at least one meter apart and keep the event as short as possible.

Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus, covid set up

8. Chances of Postponement

Though heartbreaking, some occurrences leave you with no choice but to consider the chances of pushing your wedding date forward. With the COVID rules that keep changing by the day, there's no telling what may come up next. The slightest of changes may alter your wedding day plans in a big way and you can end up having an event that's the complete opposite of what you expected. Consider such cases and plan accordingly.

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8 Things to Consider When Your Wedding Date is Affected by the Coronavirus, wedding postponement

During this pandemic, some things are beyond our control and the most we can do is adapt to whatever changes they bring. Weddings are beautiful ceremonies that mark new beginnings. Plan in advance by picking that gown, tuxedo, venue, and above all, black diamond wedding bands to seal your promises.

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