How to plan for rain on your wedding day Credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

How to plan for rain on your wedding day

by Liz Gatherer

If you’re planning on getting married this spring the likelihood is you’ll be looking at an outdoor wedding. Even though the warmer weather is on its way, in this country, there’s always the possibility of rain. There’s no reason why this should ruin your special day, however. If you’re prepared it could even add to the fun. Professional photographers can work magic and rainy pictures can be original and beautiful. The most important thing to do is enjoy your day, whatever the forecast.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for rain at your wedding.

Stock up on umbrellas

Stock up on umbrellas for your guests. You can find matching wedding umbrellas online which will make for great photos. Keep umbrellas on hold somewhere convenient so you can grab them and hand them out at a moment’s notice. If the forecast predicts rain, your guests will probably bring one with them just in case, but you don’t want to get caught unawares.

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Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day, wedding umbrellas

Plan a place for indoor photos

Prepare a list of must-have wedding photos and think of a contingency plan if these need to be inside. Your photographer will be able to help you with this. Visit the venue beforehand and find some suitable spots for more intimate indoor photos. This way, the rain doesn’t have to be in all your pictures. Keep checking the weather and squeeze in some photos ahead of time if you can.

Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day, wedding indoor photos

Embrace the weather

Don’t let the rain break your spirit. Embrace it and take some fun photos. Get those matching umbrellas out. You could even consider bringing along a pair of wellies for jumping in the puddles. Your photographer will be able to work wonders whatever the weather and the rain will only make the pictures more artistic. There are beautiful rainy photos online you can look at for inspiration.

Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day, wedding weather

Waterproof mascara

If you’re determined to stay out in the rain, let your makeup artist keep your elegant look protected. Use quality makeup and waterproof mascara to prevent it from running. This will also be better for your skin to avoid it drying out in the cold. Here is some useful advice on how to get the perfect skin on your wedding day. Unfortunately, rain often comes with a side of wind. Consider your hairstyle and how to keep it in place if the weather changes

Plan for Rain on Your Wedding Day, wedding waterproof mascara

Book a venue with a covered outdoor space

For an outdoor wedding, it’s often recommended to book a venue with covered space. Even a small gazebo could save you on the day. Spring weather can be temperamental, so make sure you literally cover your back. Here are some more clever ideas for a spring wedding. Whatever the weather, it will be a day to remember. Don’t let the rain spoil your plans. With a bit of preparation, there will be no need to panic. Focus on the positives like those fun arty photos. You can still enjoy a fantastic day from under an umbrella.

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Share the rainy day details within a personalised wedding magazine

Whatever the weather, your guests will love receiving Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine showcasing your love story, such a unique keepsake for guests to take home with them.

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How to plan for rain on your wedding day