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Focusing On the Smaller Details of Your Big Day

by Liz Gatherer

Planning a wedding can be one of the most difficult things you do. This is a huge event that many people look forward to their whole lives. There are countless aspects of the big day to prepare and you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, creating a wondrous day for yourself and your partner, as well as all of your guests.

Of course, planning an event to truly remember tends to be easier said than done. You’re going to have all sorts of details to focus on and this may result in you forgetting some key elements of the day that you’d actually really like. Now, the big features tend to get ticked off the list first. The venue, the dress or suit, the list goes on. But how about some of the smaller parts of the day?

Here are some to make sure that you remember.

Invites for your big day

Invites are a small factor when it comes to your wedding day. But without them, you wouldn’t have any guests! So, they are actually pretty important. They’re also one of the first stages of the process that you’re likely to focus on having chosen the venue, as you want to give people sufficient time to be able to definitely attend. After all, some may need to book time off work, arrange childcare or even save to be able to get to the venue and stay there if it's further afield for them. Of course, you could send out a social media invitation or text messages. But really, this is an occasion and you’re likely to want to create a sense of excitement around it. Weddings are one of the few events you can have nice invites created for nowadays!

So, take a look at different designs. There’s everything out there from foil lettered invites that can be provided by a quality foil printing company to paper cutting techniques that make for intricate and delicate designs within your invitations.

If you need to provide wedding guests with a lot of information ahead of your day then consider a personalised wedding magazine as an invite. Here at  Wedition we will design a magazine around your invitation needs, the bespoke magazines can incorporate accommodation details, the order of the day, gift list information, useful phone numbers (taxi services, on the day point of contact, etc) and a guide to the local area for guests who have travelled from further afield.

Wedition Hot Tip: Make sure to double check all of your spelling, grammar and the specific details on the invites before sending them off to print.

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Big day place cards

Most weddings provide guests with some sort of meal after the ceremony. The type of meal that you provide will largely depend on what you enjoy and what you want your guests to eat. The most common options are sit down meals and buffets. Of course, if you have a lot of guests, it can be a good idea to allocate spaces to them at the tables you’ve provided. This will ensure that everyone gets a seat and that nobody is left standing around. It prevents wasted seats, as people may sit down in groups that leave one or two seats per table unoccupied, messing the numbers up. To encourage people to sit in their allocated spaces, you could invest in place cards with their names on. This will indicate the right seat for them. It can be made stylishly to create a sense of occasion. You may want to get them to match your invites. Again, it’s a good idea to have the place cards professionally printed for the best quality finish.

Wedition Hot Tip: As well as providing name place cards, you could name your tables after your interests rather than just giving them a number.

Real Wedition Weddings: R&J used their personalised wedding magazine to explain the meaning of their chosen table names to their guests!

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Wedding favours for your big day

Wedding favours are small gifts for guests to thank them for coming to the wedding. There are all sorts of wedding favours that you can buy or make, ranging from a sweet treat to a small bottle of a nice drink. Try to make your favours environmentally friendly where possible and put them next to each person’s place at the table!

Giving your guests Wedition personalised wedding magazines will really impress them! A personalised wedding magazine celebrating your love story, such a fun way to share your wedding day details and explain who's who in the wedding party!

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Cake flavours for your big day

Of course, most people will plan a wedding cake. This is a big feature of the big day. A wedding cake is generally considered a completely traditional element of a wedding. But what type of cake might you want to consider? When it comes down to it, you actually have to consider a lot of different aspects of a cake before you can put in your order. One of these aspects is the cake’s flavour. 

Back in the 16th and 17th centuries, weddings had “bride pies” rather than cakes. This would have a huge list of ingredients that many of us might rather avoid today. Generally, they would contain cock sparrow brains (which supposedly had aphrodisiac properties) mixed with sweet potatoes. Some pies would contain a bizarre mix of ingredients, such as egg and dried fruit; prawns, cockles and oysters; cocks’ combs and lambs’ testicles; and artichokes and stuffed larks. A final compartment may have contained live birds or a snake.

Luckily, common wedding cake flavours have changed since and now there are much more sweet and delicious options available. By the 18th and 19th centuries, plum cakes or “fruit cakes” with icing sugar became more popular, resulting in the, now common, tiered wedding cake. But you don’t even necessarily have to have iced fruit cakes anymore. More and more weddings are seeing chocolate cake, sponge cake and more. So, simply think of your favourite flavour or style of cake and collaborate with your baker to create the perfect cake for your big day!

Real Wedition weddings: Z&J ate macaroons to celebrate their proposal so they chose a macaroon tower to have as their wedding cake, they share the story of the proposal and the details behind their choice of wedding cake inside their own personalised wedding magazine which they gave to their guests on the day of their wedding.

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Fireworks for your big day

Not everyone will have fireworks at their wedding, as they can be pretty expensive. But if you have the budget, fireworks can create the picture perfect end to your wedding day. They look great and the majority of people love them. Make sure to use professionals to set off your display to reduce risk of accidents occuring. You should give details regarding what kind of display you want - the colours, shapes and sounds you like. This will ensure that it really lives up to your hopes and expectations.

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Highlighting the smaller details of your day

Of course, every wedding will be different, especially when it comes to the finer details. Make sure your guests notice all your finer details by showcasing them within Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine styled to compliment your colour scheme and theme and incorporating all the fun aspects of your day from the story behind your wedding cake flavours to the history of your wedding venue.

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