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Top tips for looking after your engagement ring

by Liz Gatherer

Many people consider engagement rings to be a lifetime investment, one that costs a significant amount of money but promises a glorious future together. If you have an engagement ring set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or diamonds from Whiteflash, you must take good care of them to extend their life and maintain their beauty.

Don't worry if you're currently stumped and don't know where to start. Ring care isn't difficult; the guidelines below will help you keep your prized possession clean, secure, and gleaming for a lifetime or longer.

Make sure you get insurance

Your ring's sentimental value cannot be replicated. Insurance, on the other hand, is also needed to protect your financial investment in the event that it is stolen, lost, or destroyed. If you already have an insurance policy, you may be able to include the ring in it. You should consider having your ring appraised every few years as the value of precious and semi-precious stones and metals rises.

Top Tips Looking After your Engagement Ring, wedding insurance

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Have it cleaned

If your ring does not seem to sparkle as brightly as it once did, it's possible that oil, dirt, or residue has clogged the light interactions in the stone. You should polish your ring stone several times a year to keep it clean and flawless. You can either have your ring cleaned by a competent jeweller or do it yourself using warm water, soap, and a soft brush. Bleach and other abrasive chemicals should be avoided because they can cause metals to oxidize'.

Top Tips Looking After your Engagement Ring, ring cleaning

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Have the integrity checked

The prongs or setting of your ring will loosen or bend if you wear it every day. As a result, it's always a good idea to take your ring to a reputable jeweller at least once a year. Maintaining your precious engagement ring on a regular basis is a safe way to keep it in good shape. Furthermore, you won't have to think about the cost because most jewellers would check your ring for free, even if you didn't buy it from them.

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Take it off...

Always remember to take your ring off while doing things like gardening, moving furniture, exercising, or doing manual labour. You may also want to take it off for outdoor water sports such as swimming. You will extend the life of your ring and reduce the chances of losing it by taking it off at the right times. Try putting some ring dishes around the house if you need to remove your ring to wash your hands or do the dishes. When you're ready to put it back on, you'll be able to quickly locate the ring.

Top Tips Looking After your Engagement Ring

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...but leave it on

Stop taking off your ring in public places if at all possible. If you're washing your hands in a public bathroom, don't take off your ring because it could fall down the drain or be totally forgotten. It's also a good idea not to take off your ring if you need to do something that requires manual labour and there are a lot of people around you. If you really must, keep it in a safe and tight pocket to prevent misplacing or losing it.

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Top tips to looking after your engagement ring