What to Watch For in Your Diamond Ring Certification Credit: Iamngakan Eka

What to Watch For in Your Diamond Ring Certification

by Liz Gatherer

Choosing a diamond ring is an exciting endeavour, but diamonds aren't cheap so you want to be sure you're getting what you pay for. Part of that is getting a quality grading certification from a reputable source, such as the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gemological Society, both of which are experts at grading the 4 Cs - cut, colour, clarity and carat. If you and your partner are choosing a diamond ring, here's what you should look for.

What is diamond certification?

A diamond certification is vital because it describes the diamond you want to buy and verifies that it's real and that it is properly graded on the 4 Cs. Without the right certification, you can't be sure you're buying what the seller is claiming when it comes to the stone. Make sure your certification includes details about the diamond's characteristics for proof that you're getting what you're paying for. The diamond certification guide at Pricescope can help give you more information if you need it.

Look for consistency

It's always a good idea to compare grading from a couple of gem institutes. When you do this, you are looking for consistency. That means that each of the labs is giving the diamond a similar grading based on colour, cut, clarity and carat. If there are big differences in the rating given, you may have a diamond that doesn't have as much value as you think. On the other hand, if they are very similar, you can probably be sure that you have a diamond that is what it claims to be.

A price that matches the grading

Diamonds are valuable, which is why they cost as much as they do. However, the price of the diamond you're considering should match the grading it has been given. The cost should reflect the quality of the diamond. For example, diamonds with higher clarity will cost more than those that aren't as brilliant. Likewise, diamonds with a higher carat weight tend to be more valuable than those that are smaller.

An included warranty

Certification is important when you're buying a diamond, but so is a warranty. In addition to a quality grading from one of the reputable labs, you also should ensure that your diamond comes with a guarantee. The warranty will protect your diamond, provided you keep it well maintained and cared for. In a scenario where your diamond is damaged, such as when doing yard work or from other everyday tasks, you can have it repaired or replaced if you have a warranty on it. Be sure to have your diamond inspected and cleaned regularly to keep the warranty in place.

Buying a diamond is a big purchase so making sure it's properly certified will give you peace of mind that you're getting what you're paying for and will end up with a stone that is worth its value. The 4 Cs are a great starting point, but certification from a reputable lab is vital as well.