You're engaged! Now what? Credit: Rachel Mcdermott

You're engaged! Now what?

by Liz Gatherer

It's exciting to say "yes" and wear a ring on your finger, but it's also overwhelming! By saying that big old yes, you are agreeing to walk into the next stage of your life and that takes a lot of courage, love and organisation. Weddings are exciting, but when you are the one in charge of putting it all together, it makes a real difference to your stress levels.

Do you know how to plan your wedding? Do you know what it will take to put it all together and ensure that your guests and family members are all involved in the right way? A wedding is exciting, but you deserve to feel relaxed and able to take it on - not stressed and worried by the entire thing. So, with this in mind, here are some of the things that you should be doing right now - now that you have your ring on your finger, that is!

1. Call everyone to tell them you are engaged

Before you pop the news on social media, get your parents and besties in the know. You've just been asked for your hand in marriage and you have made the decision to accept it. Calling your parents, your friends and all of the people who love you the most is some of the best news that they're going to get this year. Chances are, your parents already know what's about to happen, especially if your partner is a stickler for tradition. Either way, you should consider who you call and who comes first. Just make sure that the people who count don't get their information second hand.

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2. Get your nails done to show off your new engagement ring

If you plan to have any engagement photos taken, the best thing that you can do is to go and book an appointment to get your nails done! You want them to look stylish, especially as you'll be flashing your brand new sparkly ring at everyone and anyone in the next few weeks. Riding a high with an engagement announcement will mean that you need a way to celebrate, and what's better than a beautiful set of nails so that you can show off a little!

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    3. Decide on a wedding planner now you are newly engaged

    Not everyone knows how to plan their wedding. It takes a lot of organisation and a lot of discussion with various vendors to get a wedding planned correctly. The best thing that you can do is decide on which wedding planner you are going to hire to help you with all of this. This way, you can have all of your ideas, and your wedding planner will source all of the venues and suppliers that you may want to consider and present them all to you. It's a great way to ensure that your wedding is properly planned.

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    4. Book a photoshoot to announce you are newly engaged

    A simple photoshoot is going to mark this occasion; it's one to remember and it's going to be a day you want to frame - literally. Booking a photoshoot is going to ensure that you have fun with your upcoming wedding and gives you a minute to breathe and have a little fun before all of the crazy planning begins.

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    5. Tell your engagement story in a personalised wedding magazine!

    Celebrate your unique love story in a remarkable way by having Wedition create a personalised wedding magazine for you and your wedding guests. Your guest will love receiving their copy of Wedition on the day of your wedding. Along with your proposal story you can share the story of how you met, the special details of your day that guests should look out for and how about the history of your venue? You can introduce the wedding party, include an in memory of page and it's also a great place to have your order of service, readings and menu.

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