Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding Credit: Mia Photography

Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding

by Liz Gatherer

Planning a wedding to coincide with Christmas really is a joy as everyone is already feeling festive and in the mood to celebrate! We’ve enjoyed working with a number of couples at Christmas time and have loved the variety of ideas at each of their weddings, here are some of our favourites!

Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding, Christmas wedding venue, Christmas wedding decorations

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Give your wedding guests a remarkable keepsake with a Christmas themed Wedition

Give a personalised brochure to your guests on your wedding day. Wedition is styled to compliment your colour scheme and perfectly fits around your Christmas wedding theme. Use your Wedition to share all your Christmas details with your guests so they will not miss a thing! Perhaps your ceremony music is Christmas themed and you want to highlight the songs you have selected; maybe you have made the favours yourself - we can include photos of you making them alongside the story of how you did it. Perhaps you’ve hidden mistletoe around the venue and you want to encourage your guests to find it and take a selfie using your wedding hashtag! Wedition is the ideal way to tie all your wedding details together in one place; showcase your proposal story; introduce your wedding party; and it’s a great place to include the wedding stationery such as the order of service, readings and menu.

Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding, Christmas wedding stationery, Christmas wedding favours, personalised Christmas wedding, Wedition

Photo credit: Mia Photography

Signature Christmas cocktail for your wedding

Christmas is a time to indulge and feel warm and cosy, from the inside out. We’ve seen warm winter Pimm’s, mulled wine and Bailey’s hot chocolate as popular choices served at our customers’ Christmas weddings. One idea we really love though, would be for you to speak with your caterer and ask them to create a bespoke cocktail just for your day, they can incorporate your favourite liquors, and team with mixers they know you’ll love based on you taste preferences. And if you are really keen on colour matching, I’m sure they can get the cocktail to fit in with your colour scheme! All that will be left for you to do is choose an appropriate name for it, sit back, sip and enjoy!

Wedition hot tip: we can incorporate the recipe for your signature cocktail within your Wedition, a bespoke wedding brochure which you give to guests on the day of your wedding. Your guests will then be able to make and enjoy your special cocktail at home. Take a look at our blog for some ideas for Christmas wedding cocktails.

Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding, Christmas wedding reception, Christmas wedding drinks

Photo credit: Tijana Drndarski

Christmas wedding cake - traditional v.s unique flavours

As someone who adores baking and eating cakes, one of my favourite things about weddings is the wedding cake, and the fact you can have as many different layers in as many different flavours as you like! But will you pick a traditional Christmas flavour for your wedding cake or a modern unique flavour? The obvious go-to choice for your wedding cake would of course be classic Christmas cake but what about some unique flavours for your Christmas cake?

Try gingerbread with a dulce de leche filling; spiced carrot with white chocolate buttercream; chocolate sponge with a cranberry compote filling; chocolate hazelnut truffle; or Prosecco with a zesty clementine buttercream?

Wedition Hot Tip: if you really want your cake and you want to eat it, then go for it! Have your top layer as traditional Christmas cake and then select some more unique flavours for your other layers. The top layer will traditionally be saved and enjoyed on your first anniversary or birth of your first chid, correctly iced fruit cake is the only cake that can be saved for long periods of time.

Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding, Christmas wedding cake, unique Christmas wedding cake

Photo credit: Mia Photography

Decorating your Christmas wedding venue

The majority of wedding venues will already be in Christmas mode come December and will have their own Christmas trees dotted around the venue, perhaps with extra fairy lights. The great thing about this, is the venue will already be partially decorated for you, you will just need to enhance it!

  • You could wrap empty boxes with wrapping paper matching your colour scheme and put them under the trees.
  • Get lots of extra Christmas tress in and simply decorate with fairy lights, understated but with a real wow factor.
  • Make sure you hang mistletoe in a key location, perhaps where your photo booth is located or in the entrance to the venue!
  • Welcome your guests with a Christmas wreath on the door.
  • Line the aisle with festive foliage.
  • Use mini Christmas trees as centrepieces.
  • Scent your wedding day with Christmas inspired scented candles, and I think the more candles at Christmas time - the better!
Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding, Christmas wedding venue decor, Christmas wedding venue decorations

Photo credit: Mia Photography

Getting your guests in the Christmas mood

Christmas would not be the same without Christmas music and carols! We love the idea of getting your guests to join in on a good old Christmas carol sing along at the end of the speeches and meal, how about the 12 Days of Christmas? We can print the lyrics inside your Wedition so there will be no excuse for guests not knowing the words!

Wedition hot tip: you could take the Christmas carol idea that one step further and customise the 12 items to fit in with your loves and likes, throw in some props for good measure too! (Think pantomime style, “5 toilet rolls, 4 pots and pans, 3 juggling balls, 2 frilly shirts and a bra that was meant to hold three!”)

Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas Wedding, Christmas wedding breakfast, Christmas wedding music

Photo credit: Mia Photography

Fun favours for your Christmas wedding

You could opt for a whole host of favours from Christmas fudge in naughty or nice favour bags, little bottles of eggnog, mini Christmas cakes or a mini Christmas tree that they can grow at home. I love the idea of personalised baubles! These are something you could either have made for you, or if you are the crafty type, this could be a super fun evening spent with your partner getting them all ready. This would also be a great option for a hen party activity. Another option is for your guest to make their own favours during the wedding reception! A fun way to keep them entertained whilst you go off to have your more formal photos taken, you can give them all the things they need to make their own snow globes, baubles or fill jars with hot chocolate mixes with choices of flavours (mint, orange, white chocolate) and toppings such as marshmallow, chocolate swirls, fudge pieces or freeze dried cranberries!

Wedition hot tip: incorporate the “how to” inside your Wedition so your guests know how to make their favours or include the story behind the favours if you made them yourself or if a relative or friend made them for you (this is also a great way of saying thank you to them for their help).

Ideas and Inspiration for your Christmas wedding, Christmas wedding fun favours

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