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Personalised stationery as unique as your wedding

by Liz Gatherer

Wedding stationery can sometimes involve an enormous amount of time and effort to plan and arrange, especially as there are so many things to consider: 

  • Will it perfectly match the colour scheme of my wedding wedding?
  • Will the wedding stationery's theme compliment my wedding day?
  • How environmentally friendly is my wedding stationery?
  • How will my guests access their stationery? (Will it be left on ceremony seats, handed out by ushers, left on tables?)

Luckily, you’re on the Wedition website so you have found yourself in an excellent position! We create bespoke wedding brochures for you to give to your wedding guests on the day of your wedding, not only do these luxury brochures include all of your essential wedding stationery, but they are also a unique way to share your authentic love story with your guests and provide a delightful take home for them.

Personalised wedding stationery, unique ideas for wedding stationery

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Benefits of incorporating your wedding stationery essentials inside Wedition

An enormous bonus of including your wedding stationery within your Wedition is that it is more cost effective and environmentally friendly. Often, printed order of service sheets and menus will get left behind at the wedding venue and thrown away. Wedition is a high quality keepsake that guests keep and read again and again. 

Readings are not always available for guests to have copies of and the message and meaning behind a reading will often be lost or forgotten - although the guests will of course remember the way they felt when they heard the readings.

Wedition is colour matched to perfectly fit in with your wedding colour scheme so there will be no concern that it will not fit into your day. If you have a particular theme running through your day, we will spend time getting the design just right so that it will compliment your wedding theme beautifully.

unique ideas for personalised wedding stationery

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Order of the wedding day

Many of our couples have chosen to include the order of the day within their Wedition, the most popular place for it to be is the inside front cover, although some couples have chosen to include it on the back page of their Wedition.

The order of the day will typically include the anticipated timings of the day, popular items are as follows:

  • guests arrival
  • when guests should take their seats
  • ceremony start time
  • reception drinks
  • call for dinner
  • speeches
  • cutting of the cake
  • first dance
  • carriages

We’ve had fun with our designs too! One that springs to mind is an order of the day styled to look like an old fashioned railway station information board for a couple who married at a railway station!

Personalised wedding stationery, unique order of the day for wedding

Wedding day order of service

Whether you have a civil ceremony, a religious ceremony or a celebrant lead service - we can include your order of service within your Wedition. For many of our couples who choose to include this, the desire is to usually have the information towards the front of the Wedition. Often just before an introduction to the wedding party, a history of the venue or an informative article which explains cultural or religious traditions that some guests may not be aware of and it is helpful to explain it so they feel more involved in the ceremony

Personalised wedding stationery, unique order of service for wedding

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Readings for your wedding

The readings during the ceremony are often so meaningful and poignant for the wedding couple yet often the guests do not receive a copy of the readings. Including your readings within your Wedition is a delightful way for guests to read them again and truly appreciate the sentiment behind the words. Some of the additional reasons our couples have chosen to include their reading inside their Wedition:

  • The readings are bespoke and have been written especially for the day and there would be no other way for the guests to read them again.
  • The person chosen to read the reading is known to be quietly spoken or nervous and there is a worry that not all the guests will hear the reading well enough to understand.
  • There are some wedding guests who are hard of hearing.

Wedition couples who have chosen to include their readings inside their Wedition will often include them in the appropriate place of the order of service, include them on the pages immediately after the order of service or include the readings towards the front of the Wedition and not include the order of service - they are more likely to do this if they have a short wedding ceremony, usually a civil ceremony.

Personalised wedding stationery, unique wedding readings, bespoke wedding readings

Menu ideas for wedding breakfast

Including the wedding menu inside the Wedition has always been a popular choice for our couples, they are most likely to have the wedding menu on the back cover of their Wedition.

A fun way to present the Wedition to wedding guests is to leave the Wedition at the place setting face down so that only the menu is visible. Guests will take their seats at the wedding breakfast believing what they are about to pick up is the wedding menu, imagine their surprise and delight as they realise it is so much more than that! It is a bespoke and thoughtful keepsake celebrating the couple’s love for each other and all those who are involved in the wedding day.

Personalised wedding menu, unique wedding stationery

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Table plans and place names for your unique wedding

Part of the joy of having such a bespoke product is the versatility of it. We have been asked in the past to include a table plan on the back cover of the Wedition and we have also personalised each front cover with the specific guest’s name so that the Wedition’s double up as a table name places.

If you would like us to, we can design and make table plan signs to match your Wedition, table place name cards and table number cards.

Personalised wedding stationery, unique wedding table plan

When to give Wedition to your wedding guests

Our couples choose to give their Wedition’s to their guests depending on which stationery elements have been included, here are some popular options:

  • Ushers will give Wedition to the guests as they arrive at the wedding.
  • Wedition will be left on the seats for guests to pick up themselves or given to them by ushers as they arrive for the ceremony.
  • Guests will receive their copy of Wedition at the wedding breakfast.
  • Couples who are having a weekend wedding may choose to leave Wedition inside each of the guest’s bedrooms or inside their welcome pack.
  • Wedition will be posted to guests in advance if it is used as an invitation - please see our article here.
  • Guests who are unable to attend the wedding, perhaps due to sickness or travel restrictions, may receive a copy of their Wedition in the post on the same day as the wedding, this really is a special way to make sure that they still feel a part of the wedding day.
Personalised wedding stationery, unique wedding menu

These Wedition's were placed on the tables with the wedding menu on the back cover facing the guests as they arrived to take their seats, see how perfectly the Wedition compliments the colour scheme and theme.

Let's tell your authentic love story with your own bespoke wedding stationery

Please do get in touch with Liz to arrange a video call so that you can see for yourself how Wedition will be the ideal finishing touch to your wedding day, you can email or use our enquiry form.

Personalised wedding stationery, unique wedding stationery with a special theme

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Personalised stationery as unique as your wedding