Wedding decorations with succulents Credit: Marisa Morton

Wedding decorations with succulents

by Liz Gatherer

Wedding decorations with succulents are becoming increasing popular due to their longevity, versatility and ability to add a real sense of depth and texture as well as a unique touch to your day. We explore a few ideas on how you can add these evergreen stars to your day.

What are succulents and why use them as wedding decorations?

Often seen growing in rockeries, windowsills or as potted gifts, succulents are an evergreen plant with parts which are thick and fleshy, this enables them to be engorged with water allowing them to survive in climates with arid soil or hot climates.

Wedition hot tip: as succulents are filled with water they will not wilt or loose their shape on your wedding day - whether you’ve opted for a hot summer’s day or a cool winter wedding. This makes them an ideal choice for decorative details and can be prepared a day ahead.

Wedding Decorations with Succulents, succulent ring cushion

Photo credit: Heather Mount

Theming your Wedding decorations with succulents

Theming your wedding day with decorations made with succulents is a surefire way to make your day stand out with style and flair. By choosing to give Wedition to your wedding guests on the day of your wedding, this is an incredible way to tie all your succulent details together along with your love story.

These personalised wedding magazines are styled to fit in perfectly with your wedding theme and colour scheme and are a great way to introduce your wedding party to your guests; share the story of your proposal; the history of your venue; and incorporate the wedding stationery essentials such as the order of service, readings and menu. You can include fun games and quizzes for your guests to enjoy or explain cultural and traditional aspects that are part of your day.

Wedition hot tip: we recommend giving one Wedition to each couple who attend your wedding; one Wedition per family group. We also recommend you keep a few spare copies so that you can post them to family and friends who were unable to attend your day, a great way to make sure they still feel included.

Wedding Decorations with Succulents, personalised wedding magazine, wedition

Wedding bouquet succulents

Bouquet succulents offer a wide range of colours for your wedding palette as they come in many shades ranging from greyish green, greens, purples and pinks. Their varying shapes and sizes mean that you could choose to have one large succulent as a focal point in your bouquet teamed with other flowers and foliage; or you could go for many smaller succulents creating a textured look.

Wedition hot tip: one of the incredible advantages of a succulent filled wedding bouquet is that it can be disassembled after your wedding day and the succulents can be replanted, you may choose to plant them at home, give them to key members of your family or plant them at the grave of a loved one which is a beautiful way to make them a part of your day.

Wedding Decorations with Succulents, succulent bouquet

Photo credit: Alvin Mahmudov

Succulent boutonnieres

Add a touch of masculinity along with a minimal look by using a single succulent as a boutonniere worn on the lapel. Team the wedding succulent with lavender, small thistles or fabric.

Wedition hot tip: traditionally, men will wear the boutonniere is on the left lapel, the same side as the handkerchief and the flower stem would point downwards.

Wedding Decorations with Succulents, succulent boutonnieres

Photo credit: Marisa Morton

Succulent centrepieces as wedding decorations

Team succulents with a variety of textures and shape to create a wonderful visual focus to your wedding tables. Your wedding decorations with succulents could be showcased in a variety of different ways:

  • metal bird cages can frame the succulents
  • the succulent can sit on sand (natural or coloured) inside a chrome and glass lantern giving a sharper more modern look
  • use ceramic pots of different sizes and colours so that you can use succulents of varying heights
  • wooden crates would offer a more rustic feel to showcase your wedding decorations with succulents
  • use grasses, moss and twigs alongside your wedding decorations with succulents to create an earthy natural look of greens, browns and purples

Wedition hot tip: by using succulents in pots for your wedding decorations you will have the perfect place for your table names and numbers by easily sliding them into the soil of the pot.

Wedding Decorations with Succulents, succulent centrepieces

Photo credit: Shttefan on Unsplash

Pets and wedding decoration succulents

If your best canine pal is going to be your ring bearer on your wedding day then why not ask your floral designer to create a bespoke succulent collar for them to wear? 

Wedition hot tip: it may not be feasible to have your beloved pet at your wedding, but there is an easy way to make them a big part of your day. We love creating articles written by our couples' pets - these can range from inspiring interviews on their view of love; their thoughts on what the marriage of their owners means to them; to favourite photos of you and your pets with a few jokes or comments that they might say!

Wedding Decorations with Succulents, pets at weddings with succulents

Photo credit: Jen Vazquez Photography

Wedding succulents decorations and fun favours

A really fun favour for your guests which makes a memorable activity for them to do during the reception whilst you go off to have your photos taken is to provide them with a potting table (a new twist to the sweet table?!). They can pick out a succulent of their choice and pot the plant making for a wonderful take home gift. You could provide hand written messages for them to fix on to the succulent or leave labels for them to write their names on.

Succulents could also be gifted in vintage tea cups sourced from charity shops; shells; or brown paper bags secured with twine.

Wedding Decorations with Succulents, succulent wedding favours

Photo credit: Amy Chen

Wedding decorations with succulents ideas

Share the story of your wedding decorations with succulents

Designed around you and your love story, we can style these soft touch high quality booklets to incorporate your wedding decoration theme of succulents along with your chosen colour palette. Give Wedition to your guests on the day of your wedding as a unique and lasting memento. They are a wonderful way to share the hidden details of the day and why succulents are important to you and your style. If you opt for a potting table as suggested, you can use your Wedition to incorporate a step-by-step guide to potting the succulent and taking care of it once home.

Our service is extremely easy to use and will be the most enjoyable aspect of your wedding planning journey.

Get in touch with to set up a video call so she can show you samples of Wedition and find out how it will be the perfect addition to your day.