7 Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Cars and Coaches

7 Fun and Creative Ideas for your Wedding Cars and Coaches

by Liz Gatherer

Wedding cars and coaches are often something that will get left until towards the end of your wedding planning, something many couples will organise if they feel there is enough left in the budget. We love the joy and sense of occasion a beautiful wedding car will bring to your day and we take a look at a few options and ideas you might not have considered and will leave you making sure that your wedding transport secures a place in your main wedding planning budget!

1. Classic wedding transport

The classic use of any wedding transport is if you have a two venue wedding. Wedding transport is ideal for couples who are marrying in a place of worship and then changing venues for their wedding reception. Real Wedition couple E&B married in a church and then had this beautiful classic red vintage car whisk them to their wedding reception where their Disney Princess fairytale theme reception was all set to wow their guests.

Wedition Hot Tip: brides - be sure that there is someone on the outside of the car to steady you and someone on the inside to pass you the dress. Take care to keep your dress off the floor and be sure to avoid the door hinges.

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Photo credit: Red on Blonde Photography

2. Modern wedding car with a vintage look

Grooms Ally and Alex chose a modern wedding car with a vintage look. This clever vintage-looking car is called a Viscount and gives the stunning look of a classic car yet the comfort and all the features of a modern car meaning that you will feel safe knowing that the chances of breakdown are slim to none. Ally and Alex choose to include the story of their wedding car within their Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine which they gave to their guests on the day of the wedding. The article included a photo of Ally and Alex sitting in the car at a wedding fair the first time that they saw the Viscount (and fell in love with it)!

Wedition Hot Tip: grooms - be careful that you do not snag your suit and be careful not to get oil on your hands.

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3. Wedding transport ideas for single use wedding venues

If you are getting married and holding your reception in the same venue, there is still a place for a car. The car can collect you from your home in the morning and take you to the venue. After the ceremony you could be taken for a 20 minute drive, this gives you a chance to embrace the fact that you are newly married and gives your guests some time to get their confetti ready and give you a warm welcome when you arrive back at your venue!

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Photo credit: SLR Photography

4. Borrow a friend's car - wedding transport ideas

Wedition couple Steph and Dan borrowed their car from a family friend, Jack. The 1970 blue Ford Capri mark 1 was used to transport Steph to the church venue and then take the newlyweds from the church to the wedding reception.

Wedition Hot Tip: wedding insurance is surprisingly affordable and in many cases covers you for if the vehicle were to break down.

Wedding cars and coaches, wedding transport, ford capri mark 1

5. Wedding transport ideas - car which reflects your theme

You may opt for a themed wedding and want every detail to compliment your theme. Couples who love classic movies and opt for a movie themed wedding would be pleased to know that it is possible to hire the Back to the Future car, a DeLoreon! This particular one is available from Nick at Loveheart Photography. As well as being a unique way to arrive at your wedding, it will make a great prop for some of your wedding photos.

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6. Wedding cars and coaches - wedding guest transport

Logistically it may make sense for you to put on all the wedding transport for your wedding guests. What better way than to hire a vintage wedding bus! Each of these Bedford OBs seat up to 29 passengers and will be a memorable way for your guests to arrive in style at your wedding.

Wedding guest cars and coaches, wedding transport

7. Multi purpose wedding transport ideas

Hiring a VW bus for your wedding transport is a great option for brides with big dresses or couples who want to travel with a few members of their wedding party or family members. Many VW hire companies will turn the bus into a photo booth for you once the transport side of things are over. Some buses have a fold down back, a great and novel way to display your wedding cake. Other VW’s will offer a street food style service, serving up cocktails or popcorn, there are so many fun options available!

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Wedding cars and coaches video

Arrive in style on your wedding day

This article will have given you lots of great ideas and tips on wedding cars and coaches so that you arrive in style on your wedding day. Featuring the history and details of your wedding cars and coaches inside a personalised wedding magazine is a remarkable way to share the love of your wedding details with your guests. Your guests will be talking about your wedding day amongst their family, friends and neighbours for years to come!

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