6 Creative Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests Credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

6 Creative Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Guest blog by Yasmin Pena

When it comes to preparing for the big day, there are so many things to remember. From getting the right dress and sending out the invitations to collecting all the meal requests and organising the music, arranging a wedding can often feel like a military operation! Which can mean that sometimes, just sometimes, you forget to make sure that it's fun. But by making sure that your guests have fun, your day will go much more smoothly.

So, here are some creative ideas to keep your guests entertained on your wedding day:

1. Prepare conversation starters

One thing that many people forget when planning a wedding is those awkward moments that some guests can experience when they are sat with people they don't know at the wedding breakfast. So, to get everyone started, provide them with a personalised wedding magazine to really get them talking. Wedition really is a remarkable ice breaker at any wedding, use it to share your proposal story, provide a who's who guide to the wedding party and you can include fun games such as wedding speech bingo, place your bets speech length game or a Mr and Mrs style quiz. Use your Wedition to incorporate your wedding stationery essentials too - your order of service, order of the day and menu. Wedition will make sure that your guests will be entertaining each other in no time at all!

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2. Make some magic

Remember the awe you felt when you saw your first magic trick? Why not create those special memories for your guests by enlisting the help of a magician. Not only will they entertain guests as they wait for their meals, but they will also ensure that everyone remembers your day as being extra magical. You could take the theme one step further and offer psychic readings by a medium for that extra personal touch.

Real Wedition weddings: Danielle’s something borrowed was their wedding magician. Their magician performed at their friend's wedding and had made Danielle cry with joy with his kiwi trick! We included this story within Danielle and Steve's Wedition, along with all their other intricate wedding details that would have gone unnoticed by the guests without this wonderful It's all in the details article. Danielle and Steve also chose to include their wedding stationery essentials (menu, table plan, order of the day, readings and order of service) inside their personalised wedding magazine as well as an introduction to the wedding party, a photo of every single wedding guest, their proposal story, their story in numbers, hen and stag photos, venue history, honeymoon itinerary and a thank you page,

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3. Set up activities

When spirits are high, guests love nothing more than getting involved in wedding activities. This is where you can really let loose with your imagination! Hang a piñata filled with chocolate and leave some blindfolds for your guests, hire some hula hoops for people to try or theme your activity around the venue itself. For example, if you're having a rural wedding, set up a cider tasting bar or arrange for horse rides around the fields. For urban weddings, have your guests take a guided tour of the venue before their meal or set up a few giant versions of your favourite board games to keep guests happy.

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4. Create a vlog

There's nothing quite like a video recap of the big day to remember it by, so why not have your guests create a vlog for you. Even if you have a photographer or videographer booked, handing an inexpensive camera to your guests for them to record messages on is a great way to keep them entertained while creating memories at the same time. If you're worried about how it will turn out, there are a few simple rules you can give your guests to ensure that it comes out super well, such as filming in landscape, adding music, and using props. Once your video is finished you can upload it to your wedding blog for everyone to see.

5. Make it picture perfect

When guests go to great lengths to look smart for a wedding, it's only fair that their glamorous efforts don't go to waste. Set up a photo booth with props for your guests to take photos with or hire a portrait artist to capture their smart outfits and beautiful dresses. Or, if you're feeling particularly cheeky, hire a caricature artist to capture the funnier side of your guests!

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6. Dance the night away

It wouldn't be a wedding without music, so make sure that your guests have plenty of musical entertainment to keep them going. Whether you've created your own bespoke 8-hour playlist, enlisted the help of your favourite local band, or lined up the ultimate after-hours DJ, music is a uniting force that gives your wedding day the energy it needs.

Real Wedition weddings: A&M included their ceremony music choices inside their Wedition and detailed the stories behind each special song, a lovely way to let their guests know just how important each song was to them. 

Wedition Hot Tip: Don't be the last to leave your party, leave whilst the atmosphere is still incredible, and choose a song you love so you can literally dance away to it!

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Keeping your guests happy will make the day go super smoothly

From starting conversations to keeping your guests busy with board games, there are plenty of ways to keep them entertained on your big day. And if it feels like nothing is going to plan, just remember – it's supposed to be fun!

Creative Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests, wedding conversation starter

Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Get in touch with us and we can creatively entertain your wedding guests!

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