Good Wedding Films to watch during lockdown - top 5

Good Wedding Films to watch during lockdown - top 5

by Ellen-Rose Brown

During lockdown, you might find yourself with some extra time on your hands. So, why not use this precious time to look ahead to your wedding, enjoy planning and be inspired by some good wedding films.

We share our thoughts on the best wedding movies along with some Wedition Hot Tips to help you bring some movie magic to your wedding planning. Then, once you’ve chosen your favourite wedding movie, test your knowledge on our Facebook and Instagram quizzes for some fun trivia to add to your Zoom quiz evenings!

1. Mamma Mia! - musical wedding movie

Set on a Greek Island, Mamma Mia sees bride-to-be Sophie invite all three of her potential fathers to her wedding without her mother knowing! Watch this good wedding film here on Amazon.

Ellen’s review: A real feel-good film with a wedding, inventive dance numbers and light-hearted humour set to iconic ABBA hits. The magical Skopelos church will fuel your desire for a destination wedding, and once you’ve fallen in love with this movie it’s hard to resist watching it over and over again.

Wedition Hot Tip: Destination wedding invitations can get a little complicated, but Wedition is an ideal invitation solution. Provide your guests with the full low down on what will be in store for them throughout the wedding and tell your love story in a unique way. You could even include a guide to the local area or an event schedule.

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2. Four Weddings and a Funeral - classic wedding in films

This classic and timeless wedding movie, tells the story of how a reserved Englishman meets an attractive American guest at a wedding. Their relationship hits stumbling blocks, but events keep bringing them back together. This classic wedding movie can be watched online here.

Liz's review: This charming, witty and touching movie with a timeless quality will have you crying and laughing throughout. It is one of those comfort movies that you can watch again and again, a British classic with an awesome cast.

Wedition Hot Tips: When two cultures collide, this can lead to some interesting moments during the wedding day. Wedition is the perfect way to explain cultural elements or family traditions to you wedding guests. This ensures that they will not feel shy or embarrassed because they don't understand a specific tradition you have chosen to include and it will strengthen the meaning behind the tradition by allowing all the guests to know what the sentiment or story is behind your chosen wedding ceremony.

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3. Bridesmaids - funny wedding film to watch

Annie’s life unravels very quickly when she takes on the role of maid of honour for her best friend. What starts off as a well-meaning collection of events for the run up to a wedding, soon turns into a comedy fuelled competition to determine who knows the bride-to-be best. Amazon has lots of wedding in films for you to watch and you can watch this one here.

Ellen’s review: Hilarious and heart-warming, Bridesmaids is a good wedding film to watch for some real laugh out loud moments.

Wedition Hot Tip: To avoid a falling out with your hens, take time to assign a role to each of your bridesmaids so they feel they are playing an active part in your day. Ask your maid of honour to set up a group chat with the other bridesmaids, to take the pressure of organising and questioning away from yourself in the lead up to the hen party and your wedding day. Your hens will be thrilled to see your hen party photos and best bits inside Wedition!

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4. Bride & Prejudice - Bollywood wedding movie

A romantic Bollywood comedy twist on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Lalita a strong willed woman comes from a traditional Indian family and her mother is anxious that she chooses a suitable husband - he must be wealthy. You can find this wedding movie on Amazon.

Ellen’s review: Transport yourself to India in this light-hearted wedding movie. A real explosion of colour, music and Bollywood style, this is a good wedding film to watch to kick start your wedding planning.

Wedition Hot Tip: Music plays a really important role in your special day, think about a 'do not play' list and consider if you want special songs for key moments such as throwing the bouquet, cake cutting, and your last dance.

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5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding - heart warming wedding film

A young Greek woman falls in love but her family struggle to accept her non-Greek fiancé. This wedding movie is all about learning to accept that love, family and heritage often come hand in hand. This good wedding film to watch can be found on Amazon.

Ellen’s review: Heart-warming and funny, this wedding movie offers many laughs and a perfectly demonstrates the ups and downs that come with planning a wedding.

Wedition Hot Tip: Play tribute to your cultural heritage during your special day within your personalised wedding magazine. You can include an article, to help highlight to your guests all the ways you have helped keep your family traditions alive.

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Making your favourite movies and films a part of your wedding day

Perhaps your wedding will be themed around one of these wedding movies? A Greek Mamma Mia wedding day or maybe your table names are based on good wedding films you’ve watched? We’d love to help you bring more magic to your wedding day and help bring these special little details to the attention of your guests with a personalised wedding magazine - your very own Wedition.

Get in touch with and see how Wedition is the perfect way for you to share you love story with your guests!

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