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5 wedding details to impress guests

by Liz Gatherer

Wedding details are what we live for here at Wedition, they are one of the driving forces behind each personalised wedding magazine we craft for our couples. There are many details that you can plan into your wedding day that the guests simply will not notice, which is why we love to present them in a beautiful article styled to your colour scheme and theme so that your guests can learn all about them. From the reason you’ve chosen the date to the sentiment behind your first dance song choice. 

We’ve selected 5 wedding details that will be simple to do and will certainly impress your guests!

1. Personalised wedding magazine Wedition will impress your guests for years to come

The most impressive special touch you can add to any wedding is Wedition, a personalised wedding magazine. This is the one thing that ties absolutely everything you have planned all together in one place. Given to the wedding guests on the day of the wedding, it is often received just before the ceremony takes place as it can include your order of service and readings, or it is received at the wedding breakfast, many of our couples love to have the menu on the back cover, you can imagine how delighted your guests will be when they pick up what they think is the menu to then find out that it is an impressive keepsake celebrating your love story, after all, that’s what your wedding is all about!

Styled to your wedding colour scheme and theme, your Wedition can include your favourite photos; a who’s who in the wedding party; games; quizzes; and the history of your wedding venue. Share the story of how you met; the proposal story; and remember the lives of lost loved ones with a special “in memory of” article. Our couples have told us that their guests loved receiving their Wedition and because of Wedition, their guests are still talking about the wedding and the impressive wedding details long after the confetti has settled.

Wedding details to impress guests, personalised wedding magazine

2. Impress your guests with your wedding reception drinks

Traditionally wedding guests are greeted at the wedding reception with a cold glass of Champagne or Prosecco, a simple way to impress them is to drop a raspberry into each glass, adding a touch of finesse! Alternatively, if you’re a cocktail loving couple, ask your venue to create a signature cocktail, you can choose the name of it yourself and we can include the tasty recipe in your Wedition so that your guests can recreate it at home!

Impress your guests with your wedding reception drinks, Wedding details to impress guests, signature wedding drinks

3. Wedding logo - an impressive wedding detail guests will love

A wedding logo is a really simple yet effective wedding detail which will impress your guests. It can be used to tie everything neatly together too. From including it on your wedding invitations and wedding website, we can include it on the day itself, inside your Wedition, on your order of service and menu (if you have not chosen to include these stationery essentials within your Wedition). After the wedding, the logo can be included on your thank you cards. We provide a wedding logo for all our couples on the Ruby package, and you can choose to have it on your wedding guest book which we can also provide for you. Table place names are all included in our Ruby package, again this is a great way to display your stunning wedding logo which is an impressive yet simple wedding detail.

Real Wedition Weddings: K&B made their own signature gin at The Ginstitute which they gave as favours on their wedding day. Each bottle of gin was finished with their travel themed wedding logo!

Wedding logo, wedding details to impress guests

4. Impress guests with a little flower at each place setting

Such a simple thing to do yet such an effective wedding detail to impress guests. We love this detail because it adds an extra element of thought and care, it makes the place setting feel more personal and inviting to the wedding guest. Some guests may even end up wearing their little flower in their hair! As the guest takes their seat, imagine how delighted they are to first of all find their name on the table place card with your wedding logo, but to then see the little flower placed with their Wedition. No doubt, at first they’ll think it is just the menu. And then imagine their delight as they pick up their copy of Wedition and see that it is a stunning keepsake magazine celebrating your love story. They’ll learn all about the wedding details and see who’s who in the wedding party - a fantastic ice breaker at any wedding.

Wedding details to impress guests, flower at wedding table place

Photo credit: Rodolfo Marques

5. Personalisation is a key detail for impressing wedding guests

The one thing that makes a wedding stand out from all other weddings is the personal touches. You and your partner are a unique couple, your wedding day is an incredible way to share your love for each other and it is the personal touches that you weave through the day that makes your wedding stand out from all others. You could choose to have a personalised ceremony with a humanist celebrant. You may ask us to provide you with a bespoke reading which we can also include within your Wedition. You may choose to write heartfelt messages on each of your bridesmaids’ dress hangars, or you may gift your groomsmen personalised hip flasks as Wedition couple Robyn and Alastair did. Personalisation is key, it is a part of you and your love story together and an important factor if you want to truly impress your wedding guests.

Wedding details to impress guests, personalised wedding touches

Leave a lasting impression of your wedding day with your guests

We can’t get enough of these personalised details that you plan into your day and we love to present them in a beautiful way for the guests to read about on the day of the wedding within your personalised wedding magazine, Wedition.

Get in touch with to see how Wedition will delight your wedding guests and leave a lasting impression of the day.

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