Wedding decorations with lights Credit: Ori Carmi

Wedding decorations with lights

by Liz Gatherer

Believe it or not, lighting is a very important factor of your wedding day, although lighting might sound rather dull and functional, the installation that you choose will light your dream venue that you have spent so long searching for, it will impact your wedding photos in a big way and your wedding lighting will lead the guests into what you want them to do most, whether it’s to sit down and enjoy the meal for longer or party hard into the small hours. From candles to lanterns, to string lights and chandeliers, there are many ways for your to illuminate your day.

Enhancing your wedding flower decorations with lights

If you are very much a “flower couple” and your blooms are your priority, then show them off! Use plenty of votives to highlight them, get your production company to work with you florist to design the flowers and the lights around each other.

Enhancing your wedding flower decorations with lights

Photo credit: Ori Carmi. Venue: Bayaar. Design: Zemel Designs.

Wedding decorations with string lights

String lights can make a huge difference to your wedding venue, whether you use them to transform a staircase or table, create a starry sky, or showcase a venue feature - they come in many different shapes and sizes and can either have a dramatic impact or make a statement by enhancing an area without distracting the eye too much.

  • For high ceilinged blank canvas venues or marques, use string lights behind draping to create a stunning overhead vision, add to the look with greenery wrapped garlands.
  • Define the wedding tables with overhead ceiling string lights.
  • If you are having a clear top marquee, use string lights to visually draw your eye to the tent peak, this creates the illusion of a starry sky, even during daylight.
  • Enhance a wall or simple staircase with a blanket of string lights.
String light wedding decorations

Photo credit: @yuliatokarevphoto. Stationery and calligraphy design: Malka Klein Designs @malkaklein Floral designer: Goni Shavit Style & Design. Venue: Bayit Al Hayam in Jaffa.

Low hung wedding decorative lights

Lights can be hung at both indoor and outdoor weddings, an open air dinner would look magical with a line of lit Chinese lanterns or Moroccan style lanterns, creating a relaxed vibe. Your venue might have a particularly high ceiling and you want to use low hung lights above the tables to create a feeling of intimacy in a large space.

Low hung wedding decoration lights

Photo credit: Ori Carmi. Venue: Ronit Farm. Design: Zemel Designs. Production: Just Perfect.

Guide your guests with your wedding light decorations

Not only does a lantern lined staircase look incredible in day or night, it also serves a particular purpose, lighting the path for your guests to safely guide them when the night falls. You can also use lights to line paths to the bar and bathrooms.

Wedition Hot Tips: when purchasing your candles for your wedding day, aim to get a specialist long-burn candle, an 8 hour burn time for tea light candles and a 10 hour burn time for dinner candles. If your candles are placed in a breezy spot they will burn down quicker. Battery candles are a great option for outdoors, in case of windy or wet weather.

Lantern staircase wedding decorations with lights

Photo credit: Ori Carmi. Venue: Ray TLV. Design: Zemel Designs.

Table lights as wedding decorations

If your main priority of the wedding day is to enjoy the food and wine, your lighting choices can encourage your guests to stay for longer to enjoy the meal. You can use tall candelabras to add light and height to your table setting, you can use a mixture of candles of varying heights to show off your perfect place settings or you can also have lights hanging down from your overhead flower installations.

Table lights as wedding decorations

Photo credit: Ori Carmi. Venue: Ronit Farm. Design: Zemel Designs. Production: Just Perfect.

Making the most of your decorations with your wedding venue lights

If your venue already has incredible lighting installed, whether it be a chandelier or an industrial installation, make sure you let your photographer know that you are keen to make the most of this, you can display your wedding dress in a unique way, makes a change from all the “wedding dress framed by the window” shots!

Wedding dress with wedding decoration lights

Photo credit: Rebecca Parsons Photography

Statement wedding light decorations

Make your entrance unforgettable with statement light fittings, create a visual spectacle by shaping your overhead wedding lights to form a stunning tunnel whilst lining the aisle with lanterns or candles.

Statement wedding decorations with ceiling lights

Photo credit: Hayley B Weddings. Venue: Wotton House

Incorporating your lights as decorations within Wedition

We will style your Wedition to complement any colour scheme and wedding theme you desire. If you would like string lights to decorate your personalised wedding magazine, no problem, we’re on it!

Share the the story of how you met, the proposal and the history of your wedding venue. Introduce the wedding party to your guests with fun facts and photos, we can include a wedding wordsearch, wedding speech bingo or a words of wisdom page, whatever you would like, we can design it for you.

Wedition is given to your guests on the day of your wedding and is a fabulous keepsake that they will cherish forever.

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