Wedding decorations with balloons

Wedding decorations with balloons

by Liz Gatherer

Using latex air filled balloons at your wedding is a way to bring joy and interest to your day. These environmentally friendly balloons have many uses, they fill spaces and draw attention by adding colour, texture and movement.

When balloons are used for your wedding decorations they can highlight key areas from your entrance and aisle to your cake table. Wedding balloon decorations can be used as table centrepieces and statement ceiling decorations.

We explore a few ideas on how you can use balloons as decorations for your wedding:

Balloon wedding arch

An impressive welcome for your guests would be to have a balloon arch at your wedding venue. The balloons will certainly brighten up any doorway and make for a really fantastic focal point for photographs. If your balloon arch is over the doorway that you will be exiting from after your wedding ceremony, think how incredible your confetti shot will be with the balloons in the background! Use mixed balloon sizes and ask your balloon artist to work with your florist to make a truly incredible showstopper. If your ceremony is taking place outside, use your balloon arch as the focal point for your ceremony, gazing at each other under this magical archway, you’ll be adding a stylish and creative flair to your vows.

Filled balloons as wedding decorations

Recent trends for wedding balloons is to have filled balloons. These statement wedding balloons look fantastic on the ceiling of your venue, in particular; a marque wedding venue. Balloons can be filled with ferns, palm leaves or fauna for a botanical wedding, or biodegradable confetti which will fit in with any colour scheme. To add a touch of sparkle to your day, use biodegradable glitter, a glitter which avoids microplastics.

Credits: "that black & white cat weddings" - planner/stylist. "Jay Glenn Photography" - photographer

Flower girl balloons | Ring bearer balloons

A really fun way with wedding balloons is to ask your flower girls to hold a balloon rather than flowers. Your ring bearer could hold a balloon with a message such as “Here she comes!” or “Has anyone seen the rings?”.

Ideas for wedding receptions with balloon decorations

  • Using balloons as your wedding table centre pieces will add height and colour to the occasion.
  • Wrap the balloon strings with ivy and attach your table numbers for a statement table centrepiece.
  • Use giant Mr/Mrs slogan balloons on the top table.
  • Use balloon letters to create giant statements: “Just Married”, “Happily Ever After” or spell out your names.
  • Liven up your cake table with some impressive balloon features, the balloons will create a frame for you and your partner to cut the cake and will make the cake table a real feature of your wedding.
  • Make your first dance a true spectacle by dancing beneath a sky of balloons!
Wedding decorations with balloons, first dance with balloons

Photo credit: Lemontree Photography

Balloon release at a wedding

You may like to mark your happy day with a balloon release, this is where you and all your wedding guests each have a balloon, after a countdown you all release the balloons at the same time, filling the sky will colour and movement, and creating a real forever memory from your day as your guests will no doubt shriek with delight! 

Wedition Hot Tip: it’s best to avoid weighing your balloons down with ribbons, bows or strings for a balloon release. This extra weight means that your helium filled balloon will not be able to float high enough into the atmosphere to break down into tiny particles, this balloon litter from the ribbons, bows and strings will often find its way into the sea, not good news for our marine life. Your latex balloon will biodegrade.

wedding balloon release, wedding decorations with balloons

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Environmentally friendly balloons for your wedding

Many people will avoid using balloons for their wedding due to the environmental implications but if you choose a PEBA balloon artist (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance) then they will guide you on how to create an incredible impact on your wedding day without making a negative impact on the environment. First of all, you must remember that foil and plastic balloons are not biodegradable and are usually filled with helium, none of these products are good for our environment. It is best to opt for air filled latex balloons. Latex is not plastic, it is made of rubber and is 100% biodegradable, it takes around the same time as an oak leaf to biodegrade!

Your certified PEBA balloon artist will talk you through the options of what you can attach to your balloons for the tails, strings, ribbons or tissue paper tassels. They’ll let you know which options are best for the environment.

wedding balloon release, wedding decorations with balloons

Wedition and your wedding with balloon decorations

Whatever theme you choose for your day, whether it be a simple colour scheme or a bold and bright theme, we will style your Wedition to fit in perfectly. If you want your wedding balloon decorations to be a part of your personalised wedding magazine then we will incorporate the balloons into the design for you. Get in touch with and we can start creating your Wedition.

Wedition Hot Tip: use your Wedition to pass on important wedding details and timings to your guests, we can use the order of the day or wedding details article within your Wedition to let your guests know that there will be a balloon release, at what time and where it will take place, along with any special instructions.

Balloon decorations for weddings

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