by Duncan William

One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is the entertainment. Couples are regularly on the lookout for something new and exciting to fill the lull gaps as the room is being turned around, whilst the photographs are being taken, for the evening entertainment or over the wedding breakfast. Couples sometimes look for a show in replacement of a more traditional DJ. Here, magician Duncan William has detailed a breakdown of the top 5 magical ideas you could have at your wedding.

1. A close up wedding magician

One of the most popular forms of magic hired at a wedding is a mix and mingle magician or close up magician. Close up magicians are extremely versatile and can be the perfect way to break the ice between guests and family members who don’t know one another. They work close up, performing to small groups or one on one. The kind of magic here includes visual miracles you may have seen on TV such as changing a borrowed £5 note into £50 or changing a whole deck of cards into glass. A close up magician is perfect for injecting some fun, laughter and astonishment whilst people are nibbling on canapés and the newly weds are getting their photos taken. This is a perfect way for guests to begin to let their hair down and the couple can relax knowing that their guests are being entertained.

Close up wedding magician wedition

2. After dinner entertainment

Hiring a magician to perform a wedding show involving all, or some of the guests is becoming increasingly popular. Performing a mixture of visual magic or mind reading, a skilled after dinner entertainer can really make your wedding extra memorable. Most wedding shows or after dinner entertainment lasts for about 40 minutes but skilled entertainers can easily customise their show length for your event.

After dinner magician wedition

3. Children’s entertainer

Sometimes you will have many children at your wedding. It’s always nice to include something into proceedings. Whilst as adults, weddings are really a chance for us to dance, laugh, drink and have fun - for children, weddings can represent a rather boring event. Screaming children can sometimes impact on the envisaged beautiful speeches. Hiring a children’s entertainer to keep the children laughing and giggling for 40-45 minutes whilst the speeches are taking place is a great idea to ensure the kids also have fun! Some children’s entertainers can offer balloon modelling which can be done discreetly and quietly without impacting on the rest of the ceremony, wedding or proceedings.

4. iPad magician

A tech, digital or iPad magician is an extremely innovative and modern form of entertainment. With iPad, tablets and iPhones becoming more and more commonplace a digital magician combines traditional magic techniques with iPads. Examples of digital or iPad magic include pulling a signed card out of a mobile phone, pushing objects into a phone or telling you what object you are looking at on YOUR mobile phone. This is a highly contemporary and stylised form of magic and is something your guests would never really have seen before but guarantee they will love.

5. Mind reader

Another offshoot of magic is a mind-reader. You can have your guest’s minds blown with a really unique experience. Some magicians combine both close-up magic with mind reading if some of your guests don’t want their inner secrets revealed. But, mind reading in the entertainment form is more light hearted than that and would include telling you the name of your dog, first pet, unlocking you mobile phone or something equally baffling. This is a truly unique, contemporary and highly memorable form of entertainment.

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For one, all or some of the forms of magic above, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with Duncan, who himself is a full time professional magician to find out more.

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