Wedding Website Details

Wedding Website Details

by Liz Gatherer

It’s become popular practice for couples to have their own wedding websites. These are not only a great source of information for your guests but a really convenient way to manage your RSVP’s and your gift registry.

Which wedding details should you include on your wedding website though? We’ve put compiled a list of our top 7 ideas which will help you put together the perfect wedding website!

1. Who?

A great place to start is to let your guests know who is getting married! Include your names, a photo of the two of you and a fun bio. Be sure to include the contact details that you want your guests to use, your dedicated wedding email would be ideal.

Real Wedition Weddings: C&J wrote a biography for one another which we included in their Wedition. They did not read what they had written about each other until the day of their wedding!

Wedition Hot Tip: set up a specific email address that you use for all wedding correspondence and RSVPs. This is an email address that both you and your partner can access at all times and it will mean all of your digital wedmin is in one single place.

Wedding website details

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2. When?

Make it clear when the wedding is taking place and at what time, you may like to specify the ceremony time and for guests to arrive 30 minutes before or you may prefer to specify an arrival time. You can include a schedule of the event too, whether you have an open invitation for all to attend dinner at a restaurant the evening before the ceremony or if you plan to have a relaxed brunch at home with all who would care to attend the day after your wedding.

Real Wedition Weddings: lots of our couples have chosen to include the order of the day within their Wedition, this is a really handy way for guests to know what is happening when, and a particularly good way to ensure easier organisation of the group photos if you let your guests know when you plan to do this.

Wedition Hot Tip: choose one usher and one bridesmaid who know who’s who amongst your family and friends to assist the photographer with gathering people for formal photos. If they each have a list of your must have photos (i.e me with my friends from uni; my partner with his work pals) then the whole process of formal photographs will be much more streamlined and you can all get back to the drinks, canapés and mingling sooner!

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3. Where?

Let your guests know where you are getting married, and be sure to include the reception venue too if that is at a different location. You can include the postcode for sat nav, tips on finding the entrance if it is a bit tricky and parking information too. It would also be helpful to mention if there is a walk from the car park to the wedding venue and if it is on a pavement or field, this could perhaps affect people’s footwear choices. It would also be useful to have a list of places to stay in the area and perhaps a few nearby things to do for guests who are staying in the area for a few days.

Wedition Hot Tip: if you are having a weekend wedding or destination wedding, Wedition will be a fantastic companion to your guests. Typically the Wedition would be left in their welcome pack, it would include an event timeline for your wedding, must have information and ideas on what to do during down time.

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4. Wedding RSVP website

Most wedding websites will allow you to have an online RSVP option, this is a great feature to make the most of and is guaranteed to reduce wed-stress. You should also make it clear when guests need to RSVP by.

Wedition Hot Tip: there are so many wedding RSVP websites to choose from. There are free wedding website builders such as With JoyMinted and Getting Married to paid for wedding websites such as Wedding Woo ($49/year) and the luxury services that Riley & Grey (US$240/year) and Appy Couple (£145/year) offer.

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5. Important wedding website details

Your wedding website is a great place to let your guests know the really important wedding details and anything that could be out of the ordinary, this could be that you are having an un-plugged wedding, a child free wedding, a cash bar or the ceremony is standing room only. The wedding website is also a great opportunity to let your guests know the dress code.

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6. Gift registry on wedding websites

On your wedding website it can be uncomfortable talking about and asking for wedding gifts but most guests will expect to purchase something from your gift registry. If your gift registry is of the online variety, having the link to this in the same area as the online RSVP means that your guests can easily access it whilst they are on the process of completing their RSVP. 

Wedition Hot Tip: if your gift registry asks for contributions to your honeymoon, it would be a really nice touch to include the honeymoon plans on your wedding website details, this way your guests will know what they are contributing to.

Real Wedition Weddings: these are some of the gift registries our Wedition couples love:

  • Prezola featuring top brands and free delivery.
  • The Wedding Shop for endless choice and no restrictions.
  • John Lewis the classic and original wedding gift registry.
  • Patchwork is a great option for those couples who only want to ask for money, in the nicest possible way.
  • Contemporary Judaica for a handpicked selection of fresh and innovative designs by talented artists.
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7. Fun wedding website details

It will be great fun for you to include your favourite photos amongst your wedding website details along with your love story - where and how you met, how you got engaged and you may take great pleasure in selecting photos of your wedding party and explaining who’s who. If you would like to do this, then do it! This is more for you though. Research which has looked into wedding website analytics have shown that the majority of guests will use a wedding website as a source of information, they will use it to RSVP and to check the venue location as well as access the gift list. Most users will not linger long enough to check out any stories you have written and photos you've chosen. It’s not because your friends and family are not interested, it’s because wedding websites are viewed as a convenient way to access the most important need-to-know information.

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Share your love story with your family and friends

If your love story is important to you, and you want to share it with your wedding guests, then Wedition is the ideal way to do this - and your guests will love it! We receive reviews time and time again where our couples have told us that not only was Wedition “the most enjoyable part of the wedding planning” and best part of the day and something that their guests have thoroughly enjoyed. Guests will take their Wedition home with them and continue to enjoy reading it on the days and weeks that pass after your wedding. They will show it to their friends and family and enjoy telling your story, it really is a special way to celebrate your love story.

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