10 Timeless Wedding Gift Ideas

10 Timeless Wedding Gift Ideas

by Anna Sharples | Sloane & Sons

Another wedding and another soul search for the perfect gift for the couple. Most people marrying have now lived together for a while, so old ideas of the toaster can no longer cut it. Buying a suitable wedding gift these days is now much harder.

Here we provide the ten timeless wedding gift ideas that are always welcomed by those just married.

Fill up the pan cupboard

It might not feel that romantic, offering pots and pans as a wedding gift; however, some beautiful copper pots last a lifetime. It is one of those practical gifts and a symbol of a life together that will last. This is a thoughtful gift for those couples who enjoy sharing time in the kitchen – trust us – they will appreciate the beauty and symbolism of a good set.

Something for the garden

A couple’s bench is an excellent idea for any new couple. Even if they only have a small courtyard garden, the bench would be a fantastic addition. Think about the symbolism, a seat meant for two, and one that will last many, many years. And if you really like them, you could throw in some outdoor cushions to help them settle in for a lifetime together!

Couples bench, timeless wedding gift

Ornate chess set

You need to know your couple. Like with the pans and the kitchen, the bench with the garden, you can only buy a chess set if the couple plays chess. However, there are some beautiful chess sets, with intricately carved pieces, which could be perfect for a couple who like strategy.

Foodie gifts each month

Does your couple like wine or gin? Are they vegetarians? Do they love to taste different delicacies from around the world? There are services on offer that deliver items to the door each month. The great news about this gift is that you can keep on giving for a year. The parcels will continue to arrive at the door, and each month the pair can celebrate each other once more.

Soft furnishings

In today's world, the newlyweds will likely have already furnished their home. However, certain items are always welcome. If you turn your attention to the soft furnishings, it is possible to find designer items that can be a focal point for a living area. You might even want to get some luxury designer duvet and pillow covers – something that will last a long time.

Travel gifts

Couples who travel are a dream to those looking to find a suitable gift. You can be generous and fund a weekend away or a short break somewhere intimate. This trip may be especially welcomed by those who have no funds for a honeymoon straight away. It may only be a weekend in a country house just up the road, but it still allows them to celebrate with time together.

However, if this would be too much, another option could be some high-quality suitcases. You can even buy a smart suitcase, which comes with USB ports. The smart suitcases also come in at a reasonable price – and offer something a little more unique.

A cashmere throw

A throw made from the fine wool of the Kashmir goat may be a little expensive for some. However, if your besties are getting married, or a much-loved family member, then they could deserve the investment. A throw is a perfect gift to encourage the couple to cuddle up, covered by its gentle softness. You are buying something that has value, but also that has symbolic significance for the couple into the future.

A box of cocktails

The root to a perfect wedding gift is to find something that the couple would enjoy but would never buy for themselves. You can go practical, but this might replicate items they have already purchased many times. If you opt for a box filled with all the drinks needed to create the perfect cocktail, complete with the different glasses, you could set up the couple for a beautiful wedding after-party.

Cake stand

Although not the most exciting option, a cake stand is practical and can be beautiful. There are some wonderfully designed cake stands on offer – and can become a feature piece in the home of a baker.


Finally, why not invest in a piece of art? Art is a risk, as personal taste is difficult to assess. It may be that your artwork needs to be carefully chosen with the couple in mind. It could be that you love the couple getting married enough to get something bespoke commissioned for them. You can then be sure it is unique.