It’s all fun & games - hen and stag games guide Credit: Funky Photographers

It’s all fun & games - hen and stag games guide

by Ellen-Rose Brown

Your Hen Party and Stag Do is referred to as your last night of freedom but in reality, it’s the perfect occasion to spend time with your close family and friends to celebrate together before your special day. Whether you are organising the event yourself or your Maid of Honour or Best man are, you might be wondering what games you could play to keep everyone entertained and break the ice for those who have never met before.

So, whether you are planning a wild night out or a more chilled affair, here are a few of our top suggestions for games that create fun and laughter.

If you'd like to find out your Hen Party style, try our quiz! Click here.

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Mr & Mrs

The ultimate game, no hen or stag is complete without playing this! Ask a friend to set a series of questions that you and your partner have to answer, it’s a fun way to test how well you really know each other. The questions can be personal to your relationship, what you think of each other and any annoying habits you might have. It’s guaranteed to get everyone laughing and you could even encourage your friends to guess what they think the right answer is. You could go on to include this quiz as a key article within your Wedition.

Real Wedition wedding: Claire and Jay (main image) played a Mr and Mrs quiz on their wedding day, "Who is more likely to..?", they would hold up a wine glass if they thought it would be Claire and a beer glass if they thought it would be Jay!

Mr and Mrs quiz examples, Mr and Mrs quiz example questions

Mr and Mrs quiz questions

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Who takes the longest to get ready?
  • Who gets the last word?
  • Who’s more likely to deal with a spider? 
  • Who spends more money?
  • Who is first to say "sorry"?
  • Who mentioned marriage first?
  • Who will be the most hung over after the wedding?
  • What was the best present he/she ever gave you?
  • What three words would you use to describe each other?
  • Who wears the trousers?
  • What would they say is your worst habit?

Toilet paper wedding dress

A classic hen party game which will have everyone roaring with laughter. Split the hens into two or more teams and have them create a beautiful wedding dress crafted from rolls of toilet paper. The bride can then pick which one she would rather wear, and the losing team has to unroll the dresses from both teams!

Advice for the bride

Ask the hens to write down some valuable or funny advice. The bride-to-be can then read these out to the group and try to guess who said what.

Real Wedition weddings: we've been asked in the past to include a 'Words of Wisdom' page within Wedition, a fun activity for your guests to complete on your wedding day!

wedding day words of wisdom

Challenge how well you know your party

For a hen party or stag do game that really challenges how well you know your friends and family, ask all the hens or stags to write down a fact about themselves. They could choose something simple like: "We’ve been friends for ten years." Or elaborate and be specific like: "I played for my school football team" - how well do you actually know your loved ones? Every time you get an answer wrong, your hens or stags decide what your penalty will be.

Scavenger hunt

Split your group into teams, throughout the course of the event challenge your party to a series of tasks. A few ideas would be to find out who can find someone who looks like the bride or groom in the quickest time and who will locate another bride or groom-to-be and take a photo with them, anyone who fails faces a penalty.

Real Wedition weddings: We love to include a game of Camera I Spy within Wedition, a photographic scavenger hunt, we've teamed up with an online photo management and storage company EventsAlbum to ensure that all your photos will be easily accessed after your wedding.

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Making you hen and stag memories last longer

You could include a selection of images from your hen party or stag do to share with your guests in your Wedition, a fabulous way to make the memories last longer!

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