Getting Your Newly-Wed Home Ready, After the Honeymoon Credit: ​Alexandra Gorn​ on ​Unsplash

Getting Your Newly-Wed Home Ready, After the Honeymoon

Hannah Stevens

Setting up your newlywed home will be the first big endeavour you tackle as a couple after the honeymoon. You’ll be attempting to combine two unique styles, organise your registry, and arrange other wedding gifts all in a fresh, new space! As exciting as this process is, it can become overwhelming if there isn’t open communication and compromise. Whether you’re freshly engaged or gearing up for the wedding, you’ll be busy.

You’ll most likely do the bulk of the cleaning, organising, and decorating in your newlywed home after the honeymoon. There are some simple ways to prepare your home both pre and post-honeymoon to make this exciting transition as stress-free as possible.

Declutter as you go

Each time you visit your new home prior to the honeymoon, declutter a small space. This will keep your home as orderly as possible prior to the wedding to avoid unnecessary post-honeymoon clutter, especially in the bedroom. When you return from your honeymoon, you want your marital bed to be neatly made, inviting, and perfect for sharing a sleep space as newlyweds. Ensure that all wedding gifts are neatly organised before the honeymoon, too, so that they’re enjoyable to go through together. You want this part of your wedding story to be remembered fondly and your home to beckon you with order and comfort.

Getting Your Home Ready After Honeymoon

Divide and conquer

If you and your fiancé/fiancée were sharing a living space before the wedding, you may have already consolidated your personal property to the point that this task is not necessary. However, if you’ve never cohabited, you’ll most likely have one too many of everything, including couches, beds, and handed down furniture. Working together to merge your styles and decide what stays and what goes can be a daunting task and a delicate endeavour. We grow sentimentally attached to things, and that’s why you want to allow plenty of time for the two of you to come to terms amicably. Creating “Stay” and “Go” lists before the wedding can help make this process a lot easier.


Now that your home is nice and tidy for when you return from your honeymoon, you’ll have a clean slate for setting up your newlywed home. Here are some tips to help you get settled in.

  • Begin financial planning
  • Find neutral ground on big purchases
  • Follow through with “Stay” and “Go”
  • Don’t forget about romance
Getting Your NewlyWed Home Ready After Honeymoon

Begin financial planning

Owning and properly maintaining a home and garden will involve setting financial goals, creating budgets, saving money for home improvement projects, and once again, compromise. It also entails merging finances, and generally a joint bank account. However, newlywed finances don’t have to put a damper on these early months of your marriage. With some patience and communication, you will work out all the kinks.

Find neutral ground on big purchases

Merging styles is much easier if you go with neutral basics. When deciding on large pieces like your couch, dressers, chairs, and bedding, keep it simple. Then, you can gradually add accent pieces that fit both your tastes, like throw pillows and curtains. These pieces are more affordable and can be easily changed throughout the year.

Follow through with “Stay” and “Go”

Remember that you made “Stay” and “Go” lists for a reason and follow through with getting items to their appropriate places. Putting off this task can lead to more clutter in your attic or shed, where it’s easy to forget about them.

Don’t forget about romance

Yes, there’s still a lot to do even after the wedding and honeymoon, but don’t forget about having fun and going on dates. The house can be put on hold for an evening while you and your spouse go out to a nice dinner. Make sure your phones are put away and enjoy each other’s company as newlyweds.