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Introducing the Wedding Party

by Ellen-Rose Brown

One of the most personal aspects of your wedding planning process is choosing your wedding party, these are the people who will help you plan your big day and be by your side on your special day. Typically made up of relatives and closest friends, each member has a special role and set of responsibilities to follow but are you wondering who does what? Take a look at our breakdown of important wedding etiquette tips the wedding party should follow to make your day as stress free as possible.

Maid of honour wedding etiquette

Traditionally the bride’s sister or closest friend, the maid of honour is responsible for organising the hen party and offering advice at the dress fitting and selection of bridesmaid’s outfits. Offering support to the groom and bride with any errands or tasks and holding the bride’s bouquet for her whilst she exchanges her vows. Wedding etiquette suggests the right women for this job will be someone you trust, who is organised and supportive.

Real Wedition Wedding: Wedition bride Zoë planned a beautiful special touch for her maid of honour and bridesmaids, she wrote a heartfelt personal message onto each hanger that was holding their dress. As each of her most important female friends took their dress off the hanger, they were reminded of how important they were to Zoë.

Wedition Hot Tip: Ask your maid of honour to set up a group chat with the other bridesmaids to take the pressure of organising and questioning away from yourself in the lead up to the hen party and your wedding day. It’s good wedding etiquette to take a step back and let your maid of honour create ice breaker activities as well as the group chats that will get all your favourite girls talking in no time.

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Bridesmaids wedding etiquette

Reserved for close friends and family members, important wedding etiquette for bridesmaids to remember is to stay calm and supportive! Their main role is to assist the maid of honour helping to plan the hen party and calm the bride's nerves in the lead up to the ceremony. Your bridesmaids can also help you get ready, fastening your dress and assisting with jewellery and shoes.

Real Wedition Wedding: One of Zoe's bridesmaids came to stay with her the week before the wedding and they enjoyed creating little bits for the wedding day. One of the things they made together was adorable cork cake toppers! A fun way to spend an evening ahead of the wedding, perhaps you will do something similar with your bridesmaids?

Wedition Hot Tip: Designate a dress angel on your big day. Assign this role to one of your bridesmaids, not only will you need help getting your dress on but it’s important to have someone who knows your complete look as in all your excitement you may forget something.

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Flower girl wedding etiquette

Usually between the ages of four and eight, the flower girl walks ahead of the bride and the bridesmaids scattering flower petals in her path. You may choose to ask a young relative or ask a child of one of your close friends, but if you are looking to incorporate animals in your wedding day you could invite Jack Brock the confetti pony to accompany your flower girl down the aisle.

Real Wedition Wedding: Grooms Ally and Alex asked their niece to be their flower girl (and their nephew to be page boy), we interviewed this cheeky pair and featured them inside Ally and Alex's Wedition, with hilarious results!

Wedition Hot Tip: Your flower girl is bound to feel a little nervous on the big day, good wedding etiquette would be to have them walk toward someone they trust. If needs be their parent or relative could even walk down the aisle with them.

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Best man wedding etiquette

The biggest source of support for the groom, the best man is often a relative or best friend. Before the wedding he has the responsibility of organising the stag do and helping to choose the groomsman’s outfits. On the big day wedding etiquette dictates the best man to be the groom’s right hand man! He will be responsible for getting the groom to the venue on time and even looks after the rings. Just remember to choose someone who will also be a calming influence on you before your other half walks down the aisle. Of course, traditionally the best man is renowned for delivering a fun and humorous speech that entertains your guests and perhaps even embarrasses the groom. If you are getting nervous about your own speech take a look at our hot tips.

Real Wedition Wedding: Groom James had an enjoyable morning getting ready on his wedding day, he chose personalised cufflinks to give as a gift to his best man. Inside James and Zoë's Wedition, they introduced the wedding party and asked each of them to share the story of how they first met as well as share a funny moment during their friendship, an enjoyable way for wedding guests to learn more about the wedding party on the day of the wedding.

Wedition Hot Tip: Include your stag do events and photos as an article within your own personalised wedding magazine Wedition.

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Groomsman wedding etiquette

Often referred to as ushers, they help the best man plan the stag do and on the wedding day itself greet guests and perhaps seat them.

Real Wedition Wedding: Zoe and Jon booked a wedding bouncy castle for their wedding day, the groom, best man and ushers had a fantastic time jumping on it and it made for some incredible wedding party photos with a difference!

Wedition Hot Tip: A great way to ensure your formal pictures are organised is to ask your groomsmen to take on the responsibility of gathering certain guests at required times for photos. You may like to ask a member of your wedding party or one of your parents to do a reading at your ceremony for an extra special memory that you will cherish forever. Wedition is so versatile that you could even include the reading as part of your order of service with a little introduction to the person you’ve chosen to do the reading, it’s little touches like this that help to bring your wedding love story to life.

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Page boy etiquette

Traditionally, a page boy would have helped carry the bride's train as she walked down the aisle. The page boy would usually be a little older than a ring bearer, a great job for young siblings or cousins, or of course the couple's son. A page boy would usually wear a mini version of what the groomsmen (groom, best man and ushers) are wearing.

Real Wedition Wedding: Claire and Jay's son Zach was their ring bearer and we included an interview with him inside their Wedition, along with his answers to questions such as, "Will Mummy look pretty in her dress?" - He shook his head it’s a “no” then! and "Will the wedding be a fun day?" - He pretended to be asleep and started snoring, we also included photos of him and a picture he had drawn.

Wedition Hot Tip:  If the bride does not have a long train but still would love to have a page boy, then the page boy can act as a super cute escort to the flower girls!

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Ring bearer etiquette

A ring bearer's name suggests the role that is required of him/her. Traditionally, the ring bearer would be a young boy, but with more and more couples having had children before their wedding day, this is a great role to give to their son or daughter to make sure they feel as though they are a really integral part of the day. Rings would usually be displayed on a cushion or pillow and would be carried down the aisle in front of the bridal procession.

Real Wedition Wedding: Kate and Ben's two children were an adorable part of their wedding day, as the little one was not yet walking, his big sister transported him around in his own carriage!

Wedition Hot Tip: It would be a good idea to display fake rings on the pillow and let the best man take care of the real things, this would mean that if your young ring bearer were to accidentally drop the rings or let them slide off, there would be no need to panic.

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Introducing the bridal party with Wedition

A great way to break the ice at your wedding is to introduce the key members of your wedding party to your guests. Often before the special day your guests don’t know many people other than you and your other half so asking them to say a few words within an article in your personalised wedding magazine will really help make your wedding stand out. It’s a great way to thank them for all their support as well with a memento they will cherish forever.

To create something truly unique for your wedding email and book your Discovery Session with Wedition.

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