Spring has sprung! | Top 4 Spring wedding bouquet tips Credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Spring has sprung! | Top 4 Spring wedding bouquet tips

by Ellen-Rose Brown

As the clocks spring forward and brighter days beckon, spring is around the corner. As the season of new beginnings this is a lovely time of year to start your married life together. Perhaps your spring wedding is fast approaching, or you are planning on getting married during spring in the future, take a look at our top tips for spring wedding bouquets.

Choose the right spring wedding bouquet for your build

Consider your height and build when choosing a spring wedding bouquet. A spray or posy would be ideal for you if you are petite, whereas a cascading or large unstructured spring wedding bouquet would work for brides who are tall. Opt for soft and delicate florals for your spring wedding bouquet. Choosing peonies, lily of the valley and cherry blossom will help you create a romantic and fresh feel at your spring wedding. Talk to your florist about creating a spring wedding bouquet that reflects your wedding theme and colour scheme and ranges across different heights for a relaxed spring look.

Spring wedding bouquet how to hold

Wedition customer Zoë walking down the aisle with her stunning bouquet. Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Spring wedding bouquet traditions

If you have never held a bouquet before, knowing how to hold your spring wedding bouquet can be a little overwhelming. You may also want to advise your bridesmaids on how to hold their bouquets too.

Traditionally, a bride will walk down the aisle with her father on her left which means you will hold your bouquet in your right hand. If you choose to walk down the aisle alone, or for your bridesmaids who will walk down the aisle alone, hold your spring wedding bouquet with both hands at the same level as your belly button. Be sure to hold the bouquet close to your body but be careful you don’t stain your dress with the pollen.

On your wedding morning, it is likely you will be full of nerves and excitement, take a deep breath and hold your spring wedding bouquet firm and tight making sure you relax your arms into a natural posture that leaves you feeling comfortable.

Bridesmaid page boy spring wedding bouquet

Bridesmaid and page boy of Wedition customers Rhona and Mark. Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Spring wedding buttonholes and corsages: how to wear

One tradition that often leaves many couples confused is the etiquette of buttonholes and corsages. Ensure buttonholes are placed on the left lapel with the spring flower stem pointing downwards on the groom, his groomsmen and other important members of the wedding party. Corsages can be given to your female significant family members and are traditionally placed on the right, just below the lady’s shoulder and with the flower stem pointing upwards. Most florists will be able to provide a magnet so that there is no need to damage clothing by using a pin to hold the corsage in place.

Difference between buttonhole and corsage spring wedding bouquet

Wedition customer Jay sporting a fantastic buttonhole. Photo credit: Funky Photographers

Unique wedding ideas for your spring wedding bouquet

After you’ve spent so much time carefully choosing your spring wedding bouquet you might decide to preserve it so you can continue to admire it long after your wedding day. Here are our favourite ways to cherish your spring wedding bouquet:

  • Press your spring wedding bouquet: select flowers and spread them out on to clean parchment paper, then add another piece of parchment paper on top and place inside the pages of a heavy book. Weigh this down with something heavy, perhaps a vase of your favourite spring flowers and leave it to dry for seven to ten days. You can then frame the finished result!
  • Let your spring wedding bouquet dry out: gather up the stems of your bouquet and tie them tightly together then hang it upside down in a dry area e.g airing cupboard. In a few weeks time you’ll find your spring wedding bouquet has dried completely and you can keep it in a vase forever.
  • Create a decorative reminder: preserve your spring wedding bouquet within a globe paperweight. Fill your spherical mould halfway with epoxy resin and then delicately arrange your spring flowers before filling it to the top with epoxy resin and let it dry. Remove the mould and you’ll have a gorgeous decoration of your spring wedding bouquet preserved in bloom forever.
  • Wedding bouquet preservation: Precious Petals, recognised leaders in wedding bouquet preservation and the framing of bouquets, have not only preserved Wedition customer flowers for Zoë and James, and Sarah and Andy, they have also preserved flowers for many celebrities and royalty too! They are able to dry flowers three dimensionally or press them, they can then be framed in various different ways or made into paperweights, picture frames, or pieces of art.
Spring wedding bouquet traditions

Rhona's stunning bouquet. Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Real Wedition weddings with spring bouquets

  • Emily had her wedding bouquet styled to match that of her great grandmothers, we included the story behind the flowers and a photograph or her great grandmother inside their Wedition.
  • Jilly's wedding flowers incorporated the Darcey Bussell rose, Jilly and husband-to-be Nick's angel baby was named Darcey, their whole wedding was themed pink to remember Darcey, we included a beautiful page within their Wedition dedicated to Darcey and it was a way to let all the guests know how special the wedding flowers were to the couple.
  • Many Wedition couple's have chosen to include something of sentimental value to remember lost loved ones within their spring wedding bouquet, it may be a grandparents or parents wedding ring, a relatives bracelet or a bridal bouquet charm which contains a photo of their loved one.
Spring wedding bouquet keepsake

Zoë's 'something old' was her nan's ring which she fixed onto her bouquet. Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Bring your spring bouquet to life within your Wedition

Bring your wedding story to life for your guests and share the significance and symbolism of your spring wedding bouquet in your very own personalised keepsake just like Wedition customers Emily and Kieren did as well as Jilly and Nick. Contact and she and the team can get started!

Spring wedding bouquet unique ideas

Emily's wedding bouquet was styled to match that of her great grandmothers. Photo credit for Wedition front cover and wedding day shot: Abigail White Photography.