Bringing your proposal story to life Credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Bringing your proposal story to life

by Ellen-Rose Brown

Meeting couples at wedding venue open days and taking time to learn more about them on a personal level during their Discovery Session, often one of the first things we discuss is their proposal story. At Wedition we love hearing about this magical moment in your relationship as it marks your future together and represents your truly unique love story. Whether you are recently engaged or well into your unique wedding planning, your proposal story is a special moment that you will remember forever, one which you could share with your guests as part of a personalised wedding magazine that makes for a truly unique wedding favour. Often Wedition couples choose to share their proposal stories in Wedition for a alternative wedding idea for their guests which is exactly what the three couples chosen from our Christmas campaign the #12daysofwedition did, read on to discover what their proposal stories are...

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The surprises just kept coming

Wedition couple Claire and Jay’s proposal story is a short but sweet affair - “It’s not a long story" as Jay would say, "we’re not the pink and fluffy type.” The couple enjoy surprising each other as often as they can and 3rd December 2016 was no different! Deciding to enjoy breakfast at their favourite place Jay firstly surprised Claire with a box containing a Pandora charm followed by a second box containing a ring! Unsure whether she’d got the wrong end of the stick Claire waited before Jay proclaimed, “Shall we just get married then or what?” This lovely low-key proposal was just perfect for the couple and they decided to include the story as an article within their very own Wedition for a alternative wedding favour that their guests loved learning about!

Farnham Castle weddings, alternative wedding suppliers Surrey

Claire and Jay on their wedding day at Farnham Castle, Surrey. Photo credit: Funky Photographers

The best things never go to plan

I’m sure those of you who have been the partner planning the proposal surprise will agree with us when we say this is one of the most daunting questions you will ask in life and the nerves can often leave you wishing that everything just goes to plan. Inevitably engagement stories very rarely go totally to plan which is exactly what Wedition wedding couple Zoë and James discovered on their trip to Paris. Being the renowned city of love, Zoë and James headed for dinner at the top of the romantic Eiffel Tower were James planned to propose. However, a couple on the table next to Zoë and James did in fact get engaged which somewhat damped the plans James had arranged for that evening. Left next to an excitable newly engaged couple the moment had passed and the restaurant was closing…. They left and headed to the Four Seasons to get a table by the window with an incredible view were they enjoyed fantastic wine and chocolates. James then proclaimed, “Will you marry me?” To which Zoë said, "Yes!" and cried with happiness. The couple partied all night in celebration and were presented with macarons which they included as part of their wedding day as a nod to their engagement. It’s little touches like this that we love including in Wedition and Zoë and James decided to share their unconventional but memorable proposal story written from each of their viewpoints within their own alternative wedding favour so their guests could learn more about their adventure in Paris.

Rivervale Barn weddings, alternative wedding suppliers Hampshire

Zoë and James on their wedding day at Rivervale Barn, Hampshire. Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Feeling on top of the world

To celebrate their 10th Anniversary of being together - Wedition Wedding couple Rhona and Mark decided to take a trip to a city that had long been on their travel wish list - Sydney! Deciding to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Mark was looking paler and paler which Rhona had put down to his fear of heights. In reality Mark had planned to ask her to marry him with the beautiful harbour views as their backdrop. Four hundred and twenty feet high Mark and Rhona stood at the summit where he proclaimed, “I cannot think of a more gorgeous, special person in the world… will you marry me?” Rhona recalls the feeling of utter elation and in that moment they both truly felt like they were on top of the world. They decided to include their proposal story as a special article within their own Wedition so their wedding guests could read both sides of the engagement written in their own words. This alternative wedding favour really brought a smile to their loved ones faces on their wedding day.

Wasing Park weddings, alternative wedding suppliers Berkshire

Rhona and Mark on their wedding day at Wasing Park, Berkshire. Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

Bring your proposal story to life with Wedition

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