Wedition Unique Wedding Awards 2018 Credit: Balance Photography

Wedition Unique Wedding Awards 2018

by Ellen-Rose Brown

This year has been a fantastic chance for Wedition to bring the wedding story to life for so many loving couples and recognise the unique little touches that make our couples' weddings so special. Inspired by the Guinness World Records we take a look back over our Wedition weddings of 2018 to bring you the first Wedition Unique Wedding Awards. Which of these unique wedding ideas would you like to try for your special day?

The Wedition Unique Weddings Award for Largest Wedding Party

Wedition customers Samantha and Garion had 21 people making up their epic wedding party! There were 7 groomsmen and 14 bridesmaids. Rather than the bridesmaids wearing identical dresses, they were all able to pick the one that suited their style and shape, keeping to the colour theme of blush.

  • Wedition hot tip: This one's for the ladies.... ask your bridesmaids to take any essentials you need for the day, so you won't have to carry them around (lipstick, your wedding perfume as a miniature, tissues). Some venues provide a little basket especially for this and your wedding venue coordinator will have it on hand if you need anything from it.
  • Fun fact: The most flower girls on record for a wedding is 253 for the 2017 wedding of Charlene Pearson and Leon Watts. The couple had the idea as a way to bring joy to Hita, Japan following the earthquake that hit in 2016.
largest wedding party

Photo credit: Balance Photography

The Wedition Unique Weddings Award for Most Wedding Cakes

Why have one wedding cake when you can have two?! That’s exactly what Wedition couple Zoe and Jon decided to do for their unique wedding day at Audleys Wood . Winning the Wedition Unique Weddings Award for the most wedding cakes the couple opted for a wedding cake and a unique alternative to wedding cake – a fabulous and colourful cheese tower! You could have a go at creating your own cheese tower together at home in the run up to your special day to design your own blend of flavours or decide to buy a pre-made cheese wedding cake from Ford Farm.

If you are keen to create a unique wedding idea for guests at your wedding, you might want to consider a unique alternative to wedding cake just like Wedition couple Samantha and Garion who married at The Ravenswood. With the most tiers in their wedding cake we’ve seen so far – 7 tiers of profiteroles! Each tower included a different flavour from white chocolate to pistachio and dark chocolate.

  • Wedition Hot Tip: Use your wedding cake as a centrepiece or focal point, don’t hide it away in a corner somewhere. Make it stand out through its simple elegance or its funky design which will capture your guests attention.
  • Fun Fact: The world’s largest wedding cake weighed 6.818 tonnes, now that’s a massive undertaking for any baker!
cheese wedding cake, traditional wedding cake

Photo credit: Az Rehman, Lemontree Photography

The Wedition Unique Weddings Award for Most Unusual Ring Bearer

A unique wedding idea to incorporate your beloved pet into your special day is to have them take on the role of ring bearer. Why not go against tradition and instead of asking young relatives or family friends to take on the role, follow Wedition creator Liz who had the most unusual ring bearer, her two pet chickens Blossom and Clucky for her Farnham Castle wedding. Why not ask wedding llamas or alpacas to make a special guest appearance at your wedding or have Jack the confetti pony scatter fresh petals around your venue. Wedition couple Shelley and Pat dedicated an article to their pet degus, Cookie and Crunchie, in their personalised wedding magazine.

  • Fun Fact: In May 2007, 178 dog pairs barked their loving vows in the United States following a speed dating session prior to the largest dog ‘wedding’ ceremony on record!
chicken ring bearers

Photo credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones

The Wedition Unique Weddings Award for Largest Wedition Order to Date

Make your wedding truly stand out and stay in your loved ones' memories for years to come with Wedition, your very own personalised wedding magazine. We can help you bring your wedding story to life and create invitations or unique wedding favours that complement your wedding theme and colour scheme. The largest Wedition order to date was for Lina and Graham, who married at Tylney Hall, they ordered 100 copies of a 28-page Wedition, it was the quickest turnaround too taking 10 days from enquiry to the wedding itself!

  • Wedition Hot Tip: To make your wedding stand out and include everything that is important to you, take a look at our blog post The Top 5 Reasons for having a Wedition Wedding! to see why Wedition is the perfect way to complete your day.

The Wedition Unique Weddings Award for Oldest Flowergirls

Your wedding party doesn’t need to be limited to certain age stereotypes, Wedition couple Amy and Michael had their grandmothers as flower girls on their special day, a lovely way to get more of your family involved.

  • Fun Fact: The world’s oldest bridesmaid was Edith Gulliford who was 105 years old at the wedding of Kyra Harwood and James Lucas in Kent 2007.
oldest flower girls, nans as bridesmaids

Photo credit: Olly Knight Photography

The Wedition Unique Weddings Award for Most Roses Used for a Proposal

We love hearing the proposal stories from our Wedition couples, each one has a unique and special meaning and makes for a great article to include in your very own personalised wedding magazine. Wedition couple Kate and Ben have a truly memorable proposal story. Sharing a keen love for travel they headed to Crete for their first family holiday. It was here where Ben totally surprised Kate by arranging for a private chef to prepare a five-course meal of all of Kate’s favourite foods and had their villa decorated with petals hand picked from 50 red roses! You could also include your proposal story as an article within your very own Wedition, it’s a great story to share with your wedding guests.

Wedition Hot Tip: If you are struggling to think of a colour scheme for your wedding you could take inspiration from a favourite holiday spot or the location of your proposal as these places will immediately inspire you with colours and theming ideas. If you’d like to add a unique wedding idea to your special day, something that really gets your guests talking, get in touch with Liz at Wedition to start planning your very own personalised wedding magazine.

proposal in Crete

The Wedition Unique Weddings Award for Most Places Visited on a Honeymoon

After all the excitement of your wedding day you are bound to want to create unforgettable memories and embark on a special adventure together. Wedition couple Ally and Alex chose a 7-night cruise around the Western Mediterranean stopping at a spectacular seven different cities from Barcelona and Palma, to Rome and Naples. They even decided to include the honeymoon cruise itinerary within their personalised Wedition so that their guests could see where they would be starting married life together!

  • Wedition Hot Tip: A romantic variation on your day is to leave early! Have a morning ceremony with lunchtime reception, guests depart at 4pm and you two could be enjoying dinner for two at your favourite restaurant, privately catered for at home or even be on the plane on your way to your honeymoon!
most places visited on honeymoon

Photo credit: SLR Photography by Shannon Robinson

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