7 unique Wedding Ideas for 2019 Credit: Ideal Imaging by Alistair Jones and Lemontree Photography

7 unique Wedding Ideas for 2019

by Ellen-Rose Brown

From unique wedding ideas for guests including personalised wedding magazines and make your own gin bars to bespoke scents and colour scheme ideas, take a look at our top seven unique wedding ideas for weddings in 2019.

Wedition, a unique wedding idea for guests

Bring your wedding story to life with a beautiful personalised magazine styled to match your wedding theme and colour scheme. Wedition is a unique wedding idea for guests that you can use on the day as a cherished wedding favour or send out as an invitation.

Delight your guests with this unique wedding idea, as you share your love story through articles that detail how you first met, your proposal story and your honeymoon plans. Remember lost loved ones, introduce your wedding party and you could even include quizzes and games to help break the ice between your friends and family at the wedding reception. These ice breaking games work especially well as a unique wedding idea for small weddings because they really get your guests talking! 

Acting as the perfect unique wedding idea for guests, Wedition helps you to share all the special finishing touches that you have spent so long planning and that would otherwise be missed, from the symbolism of your bouquet to the history behind your venue and the meaning of your table names.

We can help you create a unique and personalised magazine that includes articles that are important to you as a couple on your wedding day.

unique wedding ideas 2019 personalised wedding magazine

C​reate your own unique wedding scent

Creating your signature wedding scent isn’t as crazy as it might seem, this unique wedding idea has really taken off since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got married in May 2018. Scents have a powerful impact on our memories, a wedding scent is guaranteed to evoke thoughts that will instantly transport you and your guests back to your big day for years to come.

You could opt to choose something that matches your perfume or aftershave, choose a seasonal scent that links to the time of year your wedding is taking place or pick a scent that represents your relationship. Consider strategically placing scented candles around your venue, use natural scented confetti and place mini hand creams and fragranced body mists for a unique wedding idea for your guests to enjoy. If you decide to create your own unique wedding scent why not share the symbolise with your guests in Wedition.

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Use a bright colour scheme

Whilst thinking about your wedding theme and colour scheme you might want to consider brighter, richer and bolder colours for your 2019 wedding. The conventional whites and pastel colours connected with rustic weddings now seem to be a trend of 2018 weddings!

A significant unique wedding idea for unique weddings for 2019 is to use bold colours throughout your venue to really capture your guests attention and ensure they remember your special day for years to come. In fact, sun yellow is expected to be the colour of Summer weddings for its fresh, happy and bright connotations which captures what summer weddings are all about. Increasingly trends are showing that unique wedding ideas include moving away from conventional colour schemes and even choosing metallic dresses for your bridesmaids!

Whatever colour scheme you choose, we can help you create a Wedition that is perfectly matched to complement it.

unique wedding ideas 2019 bright bold colours

Establish a 'create your own gin bar'

Gin is very much the fashionable drink of choice at the moment, with quirky gin bars popping up on a regular basis. If you are both gin lovers why not seize this trend and create a gin bar at your venue for a fun and unique wedding idea for guests to enjoy. Choose a selection of your favourite brands, perhaps there are a few that remind you of a holiday or date you shared and then lay out a selection of tonics and botanicals for your guests to create their own masterpieces. Wedition Wedding couple Kate and Ben went one step further with their unique wedding idea including a bespoke gin for their guests to enjoy on the day. After visiting the Ginstitute in London they then included the details of their gin adventure and the recipe within their Wedition.

unique wedding ideas 2019 gin favours

Bouncing good fun, a unique wedding idea for your guests

A fun way to keep your guests of all ages happy and entertained is to introduce the unique wedding idea of a bouncy castle that can be themed to match your wedding. Wedition Wedding couple Zoe and Jon found their wedding bouncy castle was a total hit with their guests and it provided some fantastic photo opportunities. Whether you decide to get one to keep your little guests entertained throughout the long day or if you want to treat those who are young at heart it’s a great unique wedding idea for you guests, after all who can resist jumping for joy on a bouncy castle?

wedding bouncy castle, unique wedding ideas 2019

Virtual reality weddings

We all know that virtual reality is taking off in a big way, but I bet you weren’t expecting that you can now use it to put you directly into the middle of the action on your wedding day. Due to our special partnership with Virtual Weddings, Wedition couples can re-experience their special day, witness the reactions of their guests and share this unique wedding idea with loved ones who weren’t able to attend the wedding on the actual day. This immersive experience will transport you back to your wedding day and evoke memories and feelings in a more powerful way than a traditional wedding video can achieve. 

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Wedding drone display - end your special day on a high

Of course, you’ll want to end your day on a high so why not choose a unique wedding idea for your guests and you as a couple to enjoy. You could try creating a magical moment that stays in everyone’s minds forever. Provide sparklers for your loved ones to write messages in the night for you just like Wedition Wedding couple Ally and Alex.

Offer everyone a cosy blanket and head outside to watch a spectacular drone display – a real way to start your married life on a high. Drone displays have been hugely popular at American weddings and we have been waiting in anticipation for this trend to hit the UK, we feel 2019 is the year for wedding drone displays! The drone display can be styled to fit in with your wedding colour scheme, have your names light up the sky or create images that are significant to your wedding love story, all of these details can then be shared within your Wedition.

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Your wedding is a day to bring together your loved ones and celebrate the start of your married life together, with Wedition you can include the above unique wedding ideas in articles to bring your wedding story to life for your guests. If you are feeling inspired by these unique wedding ideas why not get in touch to start creating your personalised wedding magazine for a fun unique wedding in 2019.